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I'm really desperate!

Hello, Fiverr Community.
I have a few gigs, but unfortunately I still haven’t received a single order yet.
I offer a total of 5 gigs on my profile. With these I really tried very hard.
Here you come to one of my gigs:

I just don’t know what to do anymore.
Do you have any important tips or recommendations? Or can you tell me what I can improve on my gigs?


Hi Welcome to Fiverr Community

I see you have just joined Fiverr in Dec-19. It took me over 2 months before I received my first order. I certainly hope you don’t have to wait that long.

If you want to succeed on Fiverr, don’t set how soon you need to get that first client, because you’ll get discouraged.

The best thing you can do is :

Optimize your gigs and make sure they’re ranking for the intended keywords even if they are on the last page. I see you are offering unlimited revisions my suggestion is to change it to maximum 3 revisions.
Download the Fiverr mobile app and try to be online for as long as possible.
Try to be active on Fiverr forum. Now, this might not bring in the orders but you’ll equip yourself with Fiverr tips & tricks.

I would also suggest to apply more on buyer request and try to use all 10 bids/offers that are available for a day but make sure you apply on a request that matches your expertise so if you get order you will able to complete it.

All the best :slight_smile:


I think after optimizing my tags and replacing them with single words, I feel that my gigs get more impressions.

But thanks for your tips anyway!

My best tip would be to sell something else. There are 7-pages of results for the search term ‘Minecraft Server.’ Most gigs have no reviews and the best selling gig has just 46 reviews.

In short, there is very little demand fot what you are offering.


Okay, you got that right.
I’m gonna try to sell something else that I know how to do.

Maybe move the mentions of Minecraft and Teamspeak from the main section of the Garymod gig? I’m don’t know this area/category, but it seems strange to me. Like having a gig for singing, but supporting it by saying I can whistle and play the keyboard. They’re not irreverent, but they shouldn’t be a feature for a gig focused on vocals.