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Im really disappointed and want a refund!

As a warning to writers, if you get a man with a celebrity-like profile pic who joined Fiverr in December 2017, and who can’t seem to speak English very well DO NOT WORK WITH HIM.

In fact, I’m just going to say it. If you are a writer, never work with any buyer who can’t communicate a brief for a written (English) article better than a 4-year old. My gut always tells me to avoid these people. Specifically, because they are most likely not the people they say they are and intend to scam you.

Case in point. My recent buyers’ brief went as follows:

I’m looking for some content on my website page.

I’m a contractor in construction and I want to offer some financing for theirs renovation projects.

I’m in partnership with “XXXXXX “ we offer financing for any homeowner.
You could go see their website

I want to be able to help the homeowner to get a better rate with my financing plan then the bank or any other financial institute.

I want to help them to create their dream house

If this person had messaged me in advance of ordering, I would have declined this project. 9/10 those with poor English ask for endless (and insensible) revisions or attempt to get their money back. - And now this buyer is trying just this.

Hi I asked some content for my website and i received off topic content. I wanted advertising page (sales pitch) regarding financing homeowner. Im really disappointed and want a refund. Thanks you

This buyer received exactly what they asked for and more. (Greenlight SEO and readability content, 100-words FOC, and fully optimized SEO meta description, title etc). They have now opened a dispute stating that I am not qualified to do the requested work.

In short, someone in one of those unmentionable countries is using a fake Fiverr profile and trying to scam me out of work.

Obviously, I have declined this request. However, what happens now? You see. I can click a decline button but that’s it. On the other hand, this buyer can now:

  • Report me
  • Complain directly to CS and lie (like I think they think they have done already looking at their message)
  • Request CS to cancel this order
  • Adversely affect my ratings
  • Leave an evil review which I’ll get warned about if I complain to CS about how unfair it is
  • File a chargeback
  • In the event of a chargeback, leave me with an evil review, negative balance, and ratings hit

So, here’s a question. How and why are sellers still at the mercy of people like this?

The ‘I don’t like it, please cancel’ scam, is the oldest one in the Fiverr rulebook. In the past, I could decline to cancel and take the hit with a poor review. I could then respond to that review. Now I have far fewer options.

I shouldn’t even have to do anything more than just hit the decline button and be done with it. Sadly, hitting that button now also means: "We’ll, I guess I’m now at the mercy of someone with no morals with a grudge and the trending for how bad it is Fiverr CS system."

My next steps are, therefore, to withdraw my earnings and wonder if I’ll be slapped with a warning or banned now for some obscure reason. None of that is right.


Fiverr’s getting out of control. The shenanigans on here with sellers having no recourses is rediculas. The first thing I do is stalk their profile, only to find country of origin and join date.
There’s and old saying in poker I live by.
" Resistance expects Resistance"
If you suspect someone’s on the con surprise them by offering no resistance. Reel them in and then sandbag them when they do what they expect they are about to do. Most preditors are not sure what to do when a sugar plum turns into a :tiger2: tiger.

In other words, if you have two forces equally opposing to each other nothing happens. But remove the force from one side and the other with fall to the other side.


I think it is a good idea to remove all references to the country where the buyer is from. :thinking:

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It’s not your buyers job to speak and write perfect English, that’s why he’s hiring you. The construction industry is full of people who don’t speak English as a first language, that doesn’t mean they can’t built great houses. He’s hiring you because you’re the writer, the person that can communicate what he’s doing.

That’s not my experience. I’ve gotten difficult and great buyers from all over the world.

I’m not saying your client wasn’t bad, but right now you’re generalizing.

True, that’s the risk we take with every order. What can we do? Not take orders. My cancellations during the last 60 days were:

Initiated By
Seller - 1
Customer Support - 1
Buyer (Mutually Cancelled) - 1
Seller (Mutually Cancelled) - 4

My order completion rate is 93%. I’m not going to be unhappy because 7% of my orders failed to be completed.

Good luck out there.


I get unhappy when I waste 5 hours of my life and end with the threat of not being paid and/or having my reputation damaged my someone out of pure malice.

I don’t care whether anyone is from Mars, Prussia, Yemen, or the Welsh borders. However, I do generalize when when there is money on tine and my time gets wasted by certain people from the same places over and over.

Settle payments via escrow and there wouldn’t be a problem. In fact, if Fiverr got its act together and decided to wage war on scammers rather than sellers, I’d welcome deaf mutes from Antarctica trying to communicate in eye winks.


Yeah, see I don’t cancel if buyers are unhappy. That’s the point of having reviews and ratings. Unless all of your mutually cancelled orders ate the result of miss-orders or you simply being unable to complete a task, I see no reason why mutual cancellations should even be a thing.

If you are cancelling delivered orders to avoid negative reviews, that’s just leaving yourself open to exploitation and accusations of review manipulation.

Exact same thing happened to me a couple of months back which led to my first negative review. I was so annoyed by the buyer that I was willing to go down but not give him a refund. Needless to say, this was a $5 order.

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Its the outright ‘off-topic’ lie I can’t stand.This is simply so untrue it’s ludicrous. In fact, this is what gets me angry. If the buyer asked for a revision or even said, “sorry, we don’t like it.” There may be a case to be made that I didn’t deliver to a high enough standard,

To flat out lie and immediately request a refund, says that the buyer knows what to say and has played this game before. It’s what these people do over and over.


I’m not saying ******* people have a greater advantage over this market…But honestly, we kind of do.
If I get a buyer who’s not an english-speaking native and they ask questions regarding a more difficult gig such as my telepathy readings, I’m just thinking “yeah, this probably won’t work.” I tend to steer away from customers who do not have a proper English knowledge.

^This right here…

I know, hence my negative review. Luckily since then I’ve become very selective of who I work with.

I once had a buyer give me a 1-star review, then do a PayPal chargeback. When I saw his review hadn’t be removed, I complained to CS. CS told me bad reviews stay there forever. So that day I lost money and reputation. That’s why if a buyer doesn’t like my work and insists on a refund, I will give him one.

How would that work? Every time someone makes an order, the money goes into escrow? Then when the order is delivered, the money immediately goes into your account or must the buyer make that decision? Will there still be a 14-day waiting period to get our money?

Either way, I sympathize with you, I’ve never had an order that took me 5-hours. Is it worth it even if you get paid?

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Escrow wouldn’t work here. Getting a logo, a written content, or other things like that are not going to be held in escrow until the buyer pays, then delivered to them.

  1. The seller would perform the work and put it into escrow until the buyer pays, and then hope he DOES pay.

  2. The seller would complete the work and put it into escrow and then the buyer pays for it, sees it and wants a refund.

  3. They seller puts his work into escrow and waits on the buyer for who knows how long to pay, review the work and say yes they want it or no they don’t and then the seller does not get paid possibly.

Escrow is not for services. It is for things like a domain name, where someone does not want to turn over ownership until he is sure he will be paid for it and not turn it over to someone and then not receive the money for it. For services sellers need to be assured of payment before they do the work.


Well, it’s Fiverr who is behind the times these days with regard to customer service and payment security. On some other platforms, you are guaranteed to be paid for your work no matter what. On others, sellers can use escrow or more secure payment methods when working with new rather than existing clients.

My point is, that as sellers, we no longer have any guarantee against scams like that detailed above. We can say no, but can have our refusal overridden. Moreover, freelance careers can be put in jeopardy these days by scammers, site bugs, and (apparently) even so much as just posting a buyers request.

Also, I am 100% sure that if I said: “OMG! Paypal, someone just hacked my account and bought a logo from the Apple guy on Fiverr,” Fiverr would fight tooth and claw to make sure the Apple guy still gets his money.

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So you are saying there could be an independent judge of your work before it is delivered to the client, to make sure, after reading what was agreed upon, that you are delivering what you said you would?

That would be time consuming and cost money for a service like that probably.

And that judge would also have the power to say your work was not as agreed, and therefore decide you wouldn’t get paid.

Actually, this is a how my main writing platform works. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t need an independent judge to check every delivered order. You simply need to hire CS agents who can check whether orders have been delivered and respond to inquiries like humans rather than machines.

In my case, CS can now easily see that an article titled and detailing what the buyer requested was delivered in the appropriate time line. They don’t need to check the quality. If the buyer doesn’t like what has been delivered, they can simply remind them that they may review orders accordingly and that this feedback is valuable to the marketplace.

This is how Fiverr used to work. Now it can be argued that Fiverr undermines trust and safety and its own review process by canceling orders indiscriminately.

Every buyer I have ever had who has attempted to cancel an order immediately after delivery, has followed exactly the same MO. That’s because they know the system is leveraged in their favor. This is also why these people pop up on Fiverr much more frequently than on other platforms.

it is discouraging… i am also not supporting it

Wow, I am a newcomer and I wasn’t aware this was such a common issue…

This problem could be easily solved if Fiverr had a conflict mediation feature for specific cases like this one, a system that I believe is almost mandatory nowadays. It’s as simple as having a high-ranking third party check the conflict by studying the gig, the request details, the final product, and the communication between the seller and the buyer, and decide who is in the right. This would discourage scammers right away.

That said, I’m sorry you found yourself in this kind of situation. I guess sometimes it’s good to be picky.

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It’s a lot for someone in CS to read, all the content people write, then make a decision about each one, if that lives up to the agreement or not. I wouldn’t want that job.

In this case, if you ever see a job advertisement stating: “Wanted: Skilled & communicative customer service agent wanted to help uphold the integrity of thriving online freelance marketplace,” maybe decide to stick with witchcraft. :wink: