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Im really disappointed and want a refund!

Would you want it? Reading content every day and making these decisions? Knowing people will be mad at you for it no matter what you decided? Just the idea of having a job reading content forty hours a week and then reading the agreements between the two people and deciding who is right makes me shudder. What if the grammar is poor, and the spelling, and it’s in broken English? Would that mean automatically you would reject it?

Actually, I would. Here’s an email I received recently:

Hi there!

We’re reaching out to you because the XXXXXX team is looking for a new Quality Control agent. When we asked ourselves where to look for one, we thought of our own fantastic writers for a possible match.

Our Quality Control agents for both XXXXXX and XXXXX have been men and women from all over the world, and we are always happy to meet the kind of people who are happy to work remotely with a distributed but tight-knit team. We at XXXXX value diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Our Quality Control position is a part-time opening for weekend shifts open to English speakers in Latin American, African, European, or Asian timezones. If you think you are just a good a grammar nerd and proofreader as you are a kick-ass writer…

So yeah, sadly Fiverr’s rough around the edges CS MO is both dated and being superseded by other freelance platforms. It’s not impossible for them and they don’t charge $2 transaction fees to make it possible. All that’s really different is that they care more about genuine buyer and seller experiences.

Sadly, I’m not a proof reader or editor at heart. In this case, I had to pass on this specific opportunity.

Edit: Also, I already stated that Fiverr does not need to hire quality control agents. All a CS agent would have to do is download an article, scan through the original brief, and check the word count. if someone has asked for an article about stockings and received one about red bus journeys, the seller hasn’t delivered.

If someone gets an article about stockings but doesn’t like it, they get a reminder that they can review the seller accordingly.

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I wonder if there are a certain number of things you have to read per hour. That sounds like a nightmare to me but to each her/his own.

I agree, I work on some other places, and I get payment security through Escrow. The buyer can only get a refund if I release the funds.

That said, I am a hard-a$$ when it comes to people trying to get a refund after I do the work. They can leave a poor review all they want, but I did the work, so I am getting paid no matter what.


How cunning, they hid their first proofreader test right there. I don’t have any proofreading gigs either, though. :wink:

But what I actually wanted to say, I know both a service platform with an escrow service (optional choice, you pay a fee if you want it) and with quality control. Both smaller than Fiverr though, but it certainly is possible, it’s simply a question of how much money your users are willing to spend and of where you put the money.

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I’ve only heard of escrow when it comes to domain auctions, usually domains that cost $5,000 to $50,000 or more.

Personally, I don’t know if there’s anything Fiverr can do to prevent bad buyers.

Paypal = Chargebacks
Credit Cards = Disputes

So what else is there? Debit card transactions? Bitcoin or ethereum transactions?

What I would love is some kind of sellers insurance. Imagine if we paid a nominal fee like $1 per order, with the understanding that every time we have to refund, the insurance company gives our money back.

I’d lose money on that since I almost never have to refund anyone.


I’m not refunding as much as I did last year, and I notice that for one of my gigs, buyers are messaging me before buying, asking for examples of past work. I don’t mind this, not every order is right for me and someone that doesn’t like my samples is not going to like my work.

It’s unlikely to be implemented. The reason is costs, the same reason for which there is a very low barrier at the entry and the method “allow first, fix later if there are problems” is widely applied.
It’s not done just to give everyone an opportunity and help people to the strains of “We Are The World”.
It’s just the cheapest method.


Let’s just say it’s a bit of both, though. As we can’t really know, anyhow.

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That’s quite a pity. A Spanish-speaking freelance website I frequent implements this mechanism, and it is quite effective in discouraging all kinds of shady behavior.

Your point remains though; the site I talk about is much smaller so I suppose mediation must be more affordable.


That’s disgusting! Perhaps it’s time to start a petition and gather a hundred thousand sellers, all demanding for a more equal marketplace for both buyers and sellers, where neither can toss the other around like they please.

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Thanks buddy. its good to keep us safe from such people you’re heaven sent.

The issue of Paypal chargebacks could be solved really easily.
In the event of a chargeback, sellers should get a message and have the option to reply.
Fiverr would then send that reply to Paypal without any need for any staff to get involved. If Paypal agreed with the seller, they (and Fiverr) would get their money. If Paypal disagreed, then they would lose the money.

I have never lost a dispute on Paypal and from what I can see, they are actually quite fair. It is also a very simple process to deal with, wouldn’t take more than a few minutes in most cases. The beauty of this solution is that I am sure it could be completely automated and thus take the need for staff intervention out completely.


absolutely true saying from your side

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Yes…, I wish seller have capablilites whether or not to accept an fast order. (not custom order)
Once Seller accept it…, then they can’t cancel it
It was to prevent an scam order.

Have never witness this, but to add to the information shared by cyaxrex i have a friend that have exprienced something related,after the seller had done and deliver the job, the buyer collected the files and then cancelled the order.

Yep that happened to me. I’m a proofreader. I did the job, they said the file I sent was the same as the one they sent me. I sent it to them again. Then they said they couldn’t read a Word file (they’d sent it as a Word file!). Then they said it wasn’t right. This dragged on over several days while they said they were “reviewing” what I’d done! Then they come back and said they wanted to cancel. I was a little annoyed by this time and dug my heels in and said no let me revise until you’re happy. So they then said they hadn’t meant for it to be a proofreading job - they were creating a cartoon series and wanted the paragraphs to be mini scripts!!! So, I did that for them. Eventually, when I delivered it they gave me a 1 star. This was around 11th July. Now, today 25th September they’ve suddenly been able to just cancel - how on earth could they manage to do that?


Chargeback via PayPal or credit card probably. People who are dishonest in the way you describe, won’t think about that twice either. Oh, or they used a hacked PayPal account or a stolen credit card, then it would be a chargeback by the actual owner. Or they lied to customer support. :roll_eyes:


Yes. This was the exact scenario of my worst chargeback this year. Your buyer didn’t need content for an on-demand TV service did they?

This is the problem. Scammers follow a set pattern of behavior. Even if you appease them with what are really unjustifiable revisions, they know they have a 3-month window to enact a chargeback. I will bet that anyone who looks at Fiverr’s books in the right way, will be able to immediately identify patterns of buyer behavior which continue for up to 3-months, before resulting in chargebacks.

Sadly, more time seems to be spent policing sellers than working on solutions which really make Fiverr safer for everyone.

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