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I'm really pissed with you Fiverr

I’m online, talking with a Seller, we agree terms and are ready to proceed. I try to pay using the same valid credit used fives times previously and I keep getting the message:

“Uh Oh… We are having a problem processing this order”

No further explanation is offered, which is of no use to me.

Seller suspects I’ve been wasting their time (or a scam artist) and the job I wanted done today has been lost.

Now I have to wait ‘for up to 48 hours before Customer Service responds’.

I understand problems may occur; but you really need to offer more information or confirm with Sellers that a buyer has at least tried to make a payment. It would save misunderstanding and embarrassment.

I had that happen the last time I purchased a gig and kept trying many times and finally it worked.

Yeah, I noticed some of my buyers tend to face that problem if they use a credit card – but if they retry again a few hours after getting that message it pushes through. (But I do feel it’s a great waste of time waiting a few hours again to place the order.)

You can bring this up to Customer Support to escalate the issue.

Yep , had this problem several times too. Its annoying.

A few buyers of mine have experienced this, and I know it can be frustrating. However, the buyers who were experiencing issues with processing their payments did tell me.
You should tell your seller what happened and they’ll most likely understand.

Simply an fyi- Bitcoin option seems to work like a charm! I know it’s a little unconventional but just to create an acct and throw a few $ in to have might helpfor this and other “big bank” bologna they pull on us…

Happens to my clients once in a while. They think they might have been charged twice. But after 30 mins when they retry, usually, the payment gets through and the order gets placed. I think fiverr and paypal should fix this issue ASAP

for the 20th time it doesn’t go through