I'm really stuck!


Hi guys, I don’t know if this is the right area to post but I think it is!

Anyway, I’m having a lot of trouble with a buyer, however I can’t wait for customer supports response as it could take weeks, so I’m looking for a little advice from you guys.

I provide quite a popular gig, which is providing 5 unique/catchy business/website names for new companies. I received an order from the person in question, and he specifically asked for “5 names, for a fitness and martial arts company in India”. I probed a little further till’ I found out exactly what he wanted and got the ball rolling, sending him his 5 names within a few days.

However, when I did, he told me I’d done a great job, but he wanted the names without any geographical location included (in this case it was India). Being ever the enthusiast, I explained I would do it for him, but really he should have told me this in the first place. So I went about creating another document with his 2 name changes. Which really, I wasn’t obliged to do as it was his own mistake for telling me he lived in India, but not mentioning he wanted no names containing his area.

Just this morning, I’ve woken up to him wanting to mutually cancel the order, because the names are too “common”, even though yesterday he said they was great! I have a few problems with this, as ‘common’ is often better from a keyword point of view, if you own a fitness center, it makes absolute sense that people will search for ‘fitness India’ or ‘gym in India’.

Also, I’ve received no negative feedback during my time here on fiverr, and I’d very much like to remain that way, but on the flip side, I’ve worked hard on this document and I don’t see why he should get it for free; especially after stating that it’s good work.

Help?! :frowning:


Contact CS…first and tell them…the exact situation… I think they might help you…


Yeh dont agree to anything, just submit a support ticket and let that run on its own. Im sure fiverr will sort it out eventially for you, they will look at the communication between the the two of you. When you do submit a ticket, I would suggest adding the order number to save time otherwise fiverr will respond with “please provide the order number” Then you have to wait again for the final result. Tell them just what you said here, it seems you have put alot of work into it, and sometimes people would rather cancel after receiving the product just to re-use their $5 bucks again - cheap skates, but some people are like that.

Good luck, let us know how you faired out! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the responses, I’ve never experienced anything like this on Fiverr, and all of my customers give great reviews, so this buyer is definitely a little unscrupulous! I’ve politely declined the mutual cancellation request, explaining how the gig is an ‘brainstorming/idea’ gig. His next message was as follows; "I want you to cancel the order Or I will have to cancel it by other way."

I think I’ll pop it over to customer support and see if they can help, it seems there’s no reasoning with some people :/. What a disheartening experience!


I offer a very similar gig, and I recently added a bit in the description (not that all people read the description anyway) that states that even though I provide several suggestions, the buyer is only purchasing the rights to use ONE of the names. I’m sure it won’t stop any unscrupulous buyers from stealing, but it may at least dissuade some people from trying it, just because there is an inference of legality in the gig description.

I wish you luck, but I doubt CS will be able to help. Stories like this are all the forums - sometimes weeks and months after the gig has been successfully completed and positive feedback left all around.


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