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I'm really upset

Hello everyone
I’m Edric Nguyen and now I’m freelance for Fiverr. I Learn about fiverr from my friend. I have really tried hard since last month but i don’t receive any outcome. As you can see, my gigs are not bad, but only one person order for me. I think the reason is persuasion. I’m a newbie so people can’t trust me.
I had to loan some money from my friend and parent to buy computer, software, in order to working on fiverr, but … :’(
I’m really upset and now i’m typing this text and hope to recieve words of encouragement from you :slight_smile:
Thanks for reading !

Ok, so I’ll give you a little encouragement and a more important set of tips. The encouragement is only that Fiverr is really hard work, especially in the beginning but it can make you some money. Setting up your own business isn’t cheap, guaranteed or low risk. It’s the opposite. Still, if you read lots of tips and the Fiverr Academy you have a chance.

Now for a couple of tips. I only glanced at your profile for one second and then did one click to check on your photo. I immediately saw that you are using a photo of actress Mai Phương Thúy without permission. That’s dishonest and makes you look really bad. That is a way to ruin your own business. You’ll have to do a lot better to make even enough money to pay for a quarter a computer. I’m not going to try to say how to do better because it’s written all over the forum and Academy and so on. Good luck!

thanks you for your support, i think it’s very helpful for me now. I’ll change over your direction.
On other hand, i’m so happy because you know my idol, Mai Phương Thúy. In my country, people usually use their idol’s photo to displays of affection. However, I remain receptive to your advice because i’m in Fiverr.
Finally, thanks for your advice

You are welcome and I wish you good luck. The kind of tip I gave you is all through the forum and other areas, so keep reading and you’ll find a lot more. I understand the “idol” issue and she is a beautiful actress. You have to remember that on Fiverr, you are representing yourself as the owner of your business. Just like Coca Cola wouldn’t try to just put up a picture of a celebrity as their logo, a Fiverr seller shouldn’t use that method. Other sellers make the same mistake, either because they like the person or they hope the picture will just get attention.

What you have now as a professional looking photo (hopefully of yourself) or avatar or a unique logo is the way to build your brand. You also have to be careful since some images are protected by copyright. Another common seller mistake is using an image without the owners permission. Keep reading, keep learning and use what you find.

Thank you, I will try to build personal brand to longer-term goals :slight_smile:

Same bro, same.
I’m still waiting for my first sale.

we understand each other :slight_smile:
How long have you do ?

Thanks for everyone, i have had the first order yet :slight_smile: