I'm receiving very low traffic on my gigs


I’m new to fiverr, I’m Professional WordPress web developer. I was level 2 seller,
Now I’m receiving very low traffic rate, can any one tell me how to increase my traffic and sales?


Sure… market and promote your gig to the customers that need your services. THAT is how you increase traffic and earn more sales. Sitting back and waiting for things to magically happen, is not how you run a successful business.

What ACTIONS are you taking to EARN your sales?


I mostly share my gig in facebook groups and google plus communities ,


And are those locations where you are certain that people who need WordPress services are located? Are those places full of people that desperately long for the services that you have to offer?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most of the people in those kinds of Facebook groups and Google+ communities are NOT buyers – they are sellers just like you – sellers who think that all of their customers exist in seller groups, sellers who are lazy, and are looking for the easy ways to find instant sales. Sadly, they, and you, will never find your sales there. Those are not your customers. Your customers are out there, in the world, wherever people who desperately need WordPress services are located.

Start doing the hard research necessary to find those places and those people. Because I guarantee that your traffic and sales will continue to go down until you take the time to reach out to the people who need your services, instead of trying to find the easy no-work ways to maybe get possible random customers, who may be, possibly, might be looking for you.

Stop looking for the easy ways to find customers.

There are no easy ways to get customers.