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I'm reporting something and it's not a bug!

Dear Fiverr, this is no eye candy on your homepage. There are a number of great writers, editors, etc. on here that would even provide their services for free! I was talking a colleague through the whole Fiverr shebang and we go on and guess what we see on the homepage?

#Facepalm #Doublefacepalm

Please, Fiverr.




I really wish the developers hire some person to cross check this kind of part, so while they are focussing on enhancing the code and other stuff they can ensure they aren’t caught off guard with typos.

:grinning: can’t believe I missed that little one. Subtle it was. SMH

Good catch! :fishing_pole_and_fish: :smile:

They sure have paid content writers and editors. Whether those persons cover contents of this nature is anyone’s guess. Anyway, I’ve come to expect this… I see such from time to time on here.