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Im returning to Fiverr after a long break. How can I rekindle my gig activity

Hey Fiverr Users,

I’m returning to Fiverr after a long break. I’ve used this platform for years and have had some great experiences with Fiverr. But I had to stop because I didn’t have access to all my audio equipment. Does any one have any suggestions on how I can rekindle my gig activity?

Do you have a social media following?

One thing you can do, is to contact your former buyers and let them know you are back in business.

This can be a great way to jumpstart a few new orders and get some fresh feedback going.

Promote it on your social channels.

You have to treat Fiverr like a real business and advertise your services.

First thing I would do if I was you is contact your old buyers and offer them some kind of bonus or discount for ordering.

Hope this gives you a few ideas,

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Thanks so much for that feedback. I have reached back and contacted them. I figure I will continue that and revamp my gigs with some videos and better pictures to help get the ball rolliing !!