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I'm running out of time & my buyer is still not responding

Hello everyone. I’m writing to get a solution to my current problem.

I got my first order on this Monday. The buyer asked me to design three flyers for him. Although, he provided details for only one flyer and asked me to provide other necessary information within the same day. Here to mention, the due time for completing the order was 24 hours.

I designed the first draft of the flyer and sent it to him for his feedback. But there was no response from his side. I waited for 10hrs and then sent a request for a time extension for 2days. I then waited for two more hours to see if he replies to my message. But still, I didn’t get any response. So, I delivered only one flyer for which he provided me all the details. In the morning my buyer accepted my time extending request. But since to now, I haven’t heard from him a single word.

My time is running out and I have still no clue for the other two flyers. As I am new to Fiverr, I don’t completely know all the rules and policies. So in this what should I do now?

As I have mentioned earlier, I’ve given the delivery of the first flyer. But still, there’s no sign in my profile that my order has been delivered. In this case, what should be done?

Please, give me some proper direction!

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the Fiverr forum.

Sadly, this question is not new, and may of the instances are just different enough that there is no one answer.

I cannot speak on your current order, but in the future: do not start any work unless you can complete the whole order. Do not deliver partial orders. If you do need more information, and the buyer isn’t providing it, consider cancellation.

It may be time to reach out to CS. They can sometimes reach out to an unresponsive party, in an attempt to get things moving. (After all, if you don’t get paid, they don’t get paid.)

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Thank you so much. It’s a very great suggestion. I’ll keep that in my mind from the next time.

Thanks again!

Walaikum Assalam,
Thank you brother for your response. Your advise helped a lot!

Delivering partial orders is never a good idea and could cause you grief. Unless you’re working with Milestone orders, the project should be uploaded and delivered at the same time. If time is running out try requesting an order extension again. Make sure you note that it’s needed because of the unresponsiveness, deadline and the clock :timer_clock: is running out.

Secondly, revisit your gig(s) requirements page and make sure you mark the :white_check_mark:MANDATORY checkbox. Meaning the order will not start unless these fields are properly answered. You can’t complete the job without the necessary information. Always include a note how Clients/Sellers communication is important. Educate Your Buyers! :pineapple:

Thank you so much. As a new Fiverr seller these tips helped! Thanks again.