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I'm searching but i'm unable to find my gig on search


From many days I am facing a very big problem. I completed 62 orders. My all gig is in a good position on the marketplace, but suddenly I saw my all gig out from there position. I could not understand, what is the problem. Recently I got level two from here. But still, now I could not find my all gig. I am searching for my title but I am failed. I could not get orders. I create also new 3 gigs more. But I facing the same problem. Now, What can I do?

Sadia sultana supti


Hello :wave:,

You can contact to customer service

I did but they did not give me the best solution

How you are searching? And where you didn’t find your GIG?

I am searching to give my gig title, tag, keywords. But could not find them.