Im selling cakes but you want sushi and i should be punished ? Srsly fiverr?


So here we go ,another rant.

I was here eating cookies when “Wild gig purchased appeared”.

  • wow , i said.
  • new customers! woohoo!

    someone had purchased my gig " I will bake a cake for you " ( of course im changin’ the name of the gig , just for fun ) .

    Not only that, but the buyer got the " Deliver this cake in one day" .

    I was like! YESSSSSS More work and i have to rush! Wohooo…

    Then i open the details, and i found out the truth, the sad sad truth.

    The details said the following .

    " hi , i dont want a cake , i want you to make me some sushi! Here is a recipe for it! Thank you!"

    … i wish i had set a cam to record my face.

    I could not believe it…


    This has to be a joke, i mean Why… WHY would someone order a gig expecting something else? Not only that , but why dont contact the seller BEFORE making a purchase?

    Please understand that by the time i got home i had like 16 hrs to make the sushi, its not that im not up to the challenge but . When i create a gig its because i know i can deliver something with good quality.

    Im not a sushi master.

    So i replied.

    " hi there kind sir, my gig is about cakes. Why didnt you contacted me before making an oder?

    Not only that but you expect me to get the ingredients and master sushi in less than 24 hrs? How can i deliver quality work when i have no experience with it?

    Im not trying to be rude, but even if i could cook sushi it will take me more than a day to master it.“

    Then i got a reply from the kind sir.

    ” i did not know it would be sush a hassle for you to make sushi, im canceling the order"

    then on the cancel msg he wrote .

    "Biancha did not wanted to complete my project, i think i wanted something too demanding."

    thats when i lost it.

    Not only i had to accept the cancelation, because reporting this to customer support with less than 16hrs on the clock will be stupid, CS usually takes a day to reply so i accepted the mutual cancelation.

    Then i contacted CS and im waiting for their answer.

    I should NOT be punished for this, there is no way its my fault that this user did not know how to read or demanded something that was not on my gig. So i demand that this % i got on my cancelation ratio be removed immediately or i will burn all the cakes and eat them myself! :stuck_out_tongue:

    No but srsly, i dont deserve the % on cancelation ratio.

    I hope they take that away from my account.

    Thats all for tonight

    <3 Biancha


holly molly HAHAHAHAAHHAAHAAAA dies.

This … i mean… im speechless.

Looking for something like that on fiver? He must be high on bad sushi or something …unles… you work on a twinkie factory! That makes sense! HAHAAHA


Hahahah I like the way you worded this. Great :))

don’t worry about it though. You mutually cancelled, so feedback won’t be left.


Reply to @alliemadison12: haha yeah i try to have fun even with terrible news/rants .


I just cancelled a similar transaction. In my gig description, it even says I don’t make sushi! Rather than admit any responsibility, he accuses me of sneaking that into the description in the last few minutes. Sigh. After cancellation, he messaged a sarcastic reply that I just didn’t respond to. Sometimes it’s better just to move on…:slight_smile:


Reply to @typingservice: yeah , idk i mean, whats the point of ordering sushi if the gig says something else? Cant they type in “sushi” at the search bar?

Its holding us sellers back and its a huge step back on progress.

Even if we move on , there will be someone who wants sushi instead of whatever you offer.

Whats worst is their attitude, as if we are the ones that cant cook sushi for them.

Even if we try and make mediocre sushi we risk getting a bad review so there is no happy ending . Sushi always wins X_X


In all seriousness, I actually got someone that requested I look up somewhere where he could get hundreds of thousands of Twinkies on a month to month basis from an independent supplier. Fortunately he asked me in a message rather than ordering as… I wouldn’t even know where to start. Not replacing the “Twinkies” with any other word… he really did want twinkies, and lots of them. Everyone always wants that sushi, don’t they?


@blancha Eh, I used to run a research gig and apparently I left it a bit too “broad” in regards to research tasks I offered. I got the most random requests. This one pretty much topped them all though. Most others were just ridiculous research tasks where users thought I would spend 10+ hours for $5. They were… sadly mistaken.


Reply to @freelancemm: hahahah thousands of twinkies? … zombie apocalypse!?

Im telling you , buyers be crazy for that sushi!

I think i will be getting a few books on amazon so i can start making some real $.

but … what would be really funny and i know it will happend.

once we all learn how to make sushi, they will order twinkies instead -_-. hahaha


Reply to @biancha: Apparently his request was on a week to week basis but I got the general gist of it right. Such an old message. I searched “twinkie” in my message archive and came right up. Well he mentioned “wholesale” so I assume he had somewhere to sell them to someone or somewhere in bulk. Eh, when it comes to Fiverr it’s about the up-sell. I tend to have my good months and my bad months, even my lazy ones(like this one.) but if you perfect the up-sell it’s not too hard to make a decent income here on Fiverr. Building a few services up for a few repeat clients is always a good idea, too. I attached the message for those that are skeptical or might think l am just insane. It definitely did happen, despite how weird it sounds haha.

Edit reuploaded based on specs… not sure why it really matters, but whatever.


Reply to @biancha: :slight_smile: lol.


@freelancemm - It was probably related to the uncertainty of the Twinkie supply. People were worried they would be cut off!

Here’s from Wiki:

Hostess bankruptcy

On May 4, 2012, parent company Hostess filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Twinkie sales for the year ended December 25, 2011, were 36 million packages, down almost 2% from a year earlier. Hostess said customers have migrated to healthier foods. On November 16, 2012 at 7:00am (EST), Hostess officially announced that it "will be winding down operations and has filed a motion with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court seeking permission to close its business and sell its assets, including its iconic brands and facilities. Bakery operations were suspended at all plants.

Box of Hostess Twinkies by Hostess Brands

On November 19, 2012, Hostess and the Bakers Union agreed to mediation, delaying the shutdown for two days. On November 21, 2012, US Bankruptcy judge Robert Drain approved Hostess’ request to shutdown, temporarily ending Twinkie production in the United States.

p.s. They’re still selling very well at online auction sites.


@typingservice Yeah, it was sometime in 2012 that the person sent me a message. That’s a bit odd if they’re still selling well as I believe that Twinkies are back now and it was just a temporary thing.


Reply to @freelancemm: i think we should all get together and celebrate with twinkies and sushi once we get to top rated sellers. :smiley:


Reply to @typingservice: haha the old “sneaking that into the description in the last few minutes” reply. I’ve had something like that before.


The Hostess corporate office (Hostess made Twinkies, among other baked goods) were in my home state. I remember hearing stories about state residents being contacted on FB & other sites by people, often total strangers, thinking the last remaining living Twinkies MUST be hiding nearby in a secret warehouse or something, and could we locals obtain them & send them to these desperate Twinkie addicts? I honestly didn’t believe it the first time I heard that, but after awhile I kept hearing similar stories.

Too bad I didn’t think to refer those Twinkie seekers to @freelancemm~!

And now the ever-lasting yellow sponge cakes are ba-a-a-ck~!


Reply to @biancha: Sounds like a good plan to me! So, next week then? :slight_smile:


@celticmoon I am not too much of a fan, honestly. They’re ok, but they aren’t something that I could see myself obsessing over.


Reply to @biancha: Definitely! :slight_smile:


Reply to @freelancemm: you gonna be top rated seller next week! How do you know… dont tell me, for $5 you will tell me all your secrets! Tan tan taaaaaaaaan! HAHAHAHahaaha.

Next week sounds perfect, i will make sure to starve untill then, so when its time, we can eat all that sushi and twinkies until we explode ! BOOM Rainbows and skittles yay! AHAHaahhaah