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I'M SELLING INSTAGRAM Followers MY GIG IS REMOVED ! don't know why?


hello ! i need help ! i offer instagram followers at good prices (1500 + 500 likes free ) at 5$ . i don’t know why my gig is denied and removed from fiverr ! I saw many sellers selling instagram followers and likes my, gig is similiar to them and I offer free likes ! how can I start selling and getting my gig approved !


It is against the TOS of Fiverr, I believe.

You will say, but others are doing it, for your satisfaction, you can report those to Fiverr as well.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


so there is no chance , to sell followers ?


Dude, using bots to automate anything on Instagram is against the rules. There’s no way Fiverr wants to be regarded as the source of bot distribution.


Looks like the OP decided to leave us.

(the account is still active, but there are no gigs, nor is there forum activity after his last post)