I'm selling my 500 HQ photos and noone is buying



I’m photographer and I decided to sell 500 HQ copyright free photos of my girl models on Fiverr for only $5 !
And no one is buying.
I uploaded 3 pictures High quality, I mean my all pictures are High quality and perfectly clean, I have good description, and my Delivery time is less than 2 hours, what should I do?

When I see that someone is paying much higher prices than $5 for 2-3 photos, and I’m giving 500 for $5!

MY GIG: ■■■■■■/766gRW


You might need to be more specific about the stock photos you are selling.
Besides, having the models release is VERY expensive - not sure why you are selling so many photos, released, under such a low price.

Even when it sounds like a super deal, the truth is that if I don´t know what the stock photos are about, I don´t know if they will be worth for me.

For example, if I buy you pack and they are all 500 photos of 500 different models all doing random stuff - I won´t be sure what to do with that.

But, if you are selling 500 photos that have:

10 photos food related
10 photos tech related
10 photos business related…and so on, now that sound like something I might be interested in.

I know I´ll be purchasing a variety of topics and one day maybe, some of those images will be relevant to a project due the diverse content.

So far 500 photos with no info about the content, might go under the radar.


You have absolutely right, thank you very much!