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Im sending request to the buyers I send 17 but just one ANSWER BACK

im sending request to the buyers I send 17 but just one ANSWER BACK
This happens with u too my friends?:heart:


more than 100 buyer requests sent. but just one order :frowning:

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Oh my dear friend, think positive, you have one, this is good, try all the days and don’t give up.
im trying to think positive and I know is hard :frowning:

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Try to send attractive proposal to the buyers.


You are probably fifty percent lucky :face_with_monocle:


thank you, any tips? <3

ahahahah <3 nice art

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The competition for BR jobs is extremely fierce. There are often sellers claiming to have never received a single order despite having already sent hundreds of offers in response to BRs. I think you should consider yourself lucky that you have already received an answer from one of the 17 offers that you sent.

That being said, however, you can definitely improve your chance of getting a favorable response by drafting a very impressive message while applying for the BR. There are several posts on this topic on the forum. Here’s one such forum post:

Hopefully, they can help improve the quality of your BR offers.

Good luck! :sunny:


thank you so so much for this Wonderfull answer, what means BR? <3 THANK YOU

Oh, pardon me. I forgot to mention that in my previous post. BR = Buyer Request (not Brazil :wink: ).


hahahaa cool, cause I live in BRASIL <3 HAUHSUHAS

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How did you send the requests?

Just used to check fiverr forum on the daily basis. You’ll learn many things here

At least you have requests shown up :upside_down_face:

It’s alright… One out of seventeen it’s a good achievement, don’t worry. This is the beginning… Keep going. :wink:

I also give the request daily. more than 100requests I have given but no replies came back:expressionless: But I don’t give up. I am very hopeful about my almighty. He will obviously give me.:innocent:

I sent around 21 requests to buyers & got only one response back, I found its depends on buyers who they want to order or not, like me keep trying & hopefully soon you will get response/order from buyer.