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I'm SHOCKED: Source file accessible on delivery

Hey there!
I was shocked to know that when delivering the source file, the client can download it while reviewing the order before even accepting, thing that kept me wondering if a non honest client can download the work i’ve done and then cancel the order, so basically he can get it for free.
I think Fiverr should change that!


No, it’s absolutely right. What would happen to him if you did wrong.

What do you mean by “did wrong”?
I believe the buyer should get the full source files after approving the delivery! He can review the work from the delivered images of the design.
This way both the seller and the buyer will be protected from fraud

Hi, the client can cancel the order even after accepting it or try to.

If you offer the source file in your gig you need to deliver that before they accept it, like a regular delivery.

They always get the work you’ve done whatever it is with the delivery of the order. Don’t show them the source file before the delivery. They don’t need to accept it after you deliver it. They don’t need to approve it, unless you mean that you show them what you did and they tell you what adjustments you make. Just deliver it. For them to cancel an order in progress you would need to agree to that.

It would be rare probably to cancel an order or try to before you deliver it but after you did the work. Maybe it happens but I haven’t heard of it.


Your concern is genuine.

No, they won’t change it. It depends on the seller if he/she wanted to sell the source file or not. If you included it in your gig, you could adjust the price of your gig accordingly or you can offer it as an extra. If the buyer needs the source file, they will add it at the time of ordering or can skip it if they don’t. All of your extras are visible to the buyer while making their purchase.

You can also choose to opt-out for the source file. It’s not mandatory for you to include the source file in your gigs.

Good Luck

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