I'm sick of the 'long term business relationship' promise!


Come on people, we sellers don’t buy that anymore. We know that you only want a better deal and then you just disappear. When you ask for too much for $5 with a promise of ‘more work to come’ it’s like a little bell ringing in a seller’s head that says 'THEY’RE LYING!'

A buyer that truly has more work to offer hardly ever mentions that from the beginning. My experience on Fiverr is that, they order as normal first, and then order again and again and after 5-6 orders they might mention that there is more work to come.

So, next time, please don’t bother using the ‘more work to come’ promise, unless you mean it…


I think some products have “trained” people to say this in order to negotiate or get rush service. And yes, you’re 100% correct. The more I hear that, the more I dislike it.


I’ve had total different experience, but that’s just me… I guess


I’ve had both, but more returns than not. The reason for this is that I state I don’t over deliver.

I let them know this and let my work stand on it’s own in terms of quality, and this usually allows repeat clients since the ‘Ones looking for something for nothing’ generally either become regular clients as promised, or simply move on. Another reason why I don’t recommend over delivery. It’s usually a let down for you. :wink:


I’ve had a mixed experience with this too but I’ve started to know when a buyer is lying or not. If they’re after much more than my gig promises for $5 and say that they have more work if I do it, I apologise that I can’t do the extra work and will deliver as stated in my gig title and description. If they simply state at the end of their order that they are ordering this as a trial then, from experience, they’re usually telling the truth. They don’t ask for more than the gig describes, they don’t ask for the rush and they wait patiently for me to deliver - and leave feedback afterwards and come back for more.

But, like bigbadbilly, I don’t over deliver. I offer my best quality work and stick to everything my gig description says. I’ve had the odd one where I’ve written over the word count I state by a few words because it’s needed it for quality purposes but that’s all.


I think i’ve had about split 50/50 truth/lies on this matter :confused:


Me too! But I’ve learned to ignore those usual lines from buyers - so promises or no promises I just go on to deliver gigs


I ignore it…if they come back great! Otherwise I just expect a one time deal.


My inner “alarm” goes off if the buyer is asking me loads of questions via email. I answer them all, then more questions etc. This some times carries on and no order appears at the end. Other buyers simply order the gig then on the next order tell me they have a number of cartoons they want me to do. Difficult to tell some times though.

Still can’t believe that some buyers will try to barter with me to try and get me to either add extra for free or produce the gig for less than $5. Its $5 cheap skates. Phew, sorry rant over.

nancy_chr said: Come on people, we sellers don't buy that anymore
It took me a moment to understand what you are referring to but now I do. I have many people say they will be back which I place no stock in. I delivere a quality product and family tree, the client is happy. If they choose to come back that is great and I am always happy to help them again, if they don't I have given them something so invaluable that they will remember who I am and if it ever comes up in a conversation they will tell someone about my gig and what I did for them. That is my reward


Ha! Ha! There has got to be some Clickbank Fiverr book out there telling people to do that. I also like the “Go ahead and do this extra work for me and I’ll pay you when you deliver it.” Yeah, right!


I honestly do the work business as usual. it’s the customer who decides if they want to mantain or sever a relationship with you. But then it’s you who has to be creative and innovative as to how you sell your services and products too.


I’ve had this happen to me a looooot in the past. While it hasn’t happened to me here yet on Fiverr as I’m relatively new to doing gigs, the funny thing is, the people who got to try me via my discounted deals, actually DO come back and order something bigger and better and offer better rates and even tips! … without promising any “work to come” prior to that. The ones who did promise me never came back… funny that.

Still, I think it’s good to offer the best that you can offer… at the price limit you set. :slight_smile: If you want to offer more than that, it’s at your own discretion, but your buyer doesn’t HAVE to promise you extra pay either, you know?


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: What I am trying to tell people is that I will do my best on every order. The number of orders a buyer makes has nothing to do with the quality I offer. For me it’s the same thing if a user orders 50 times or 1 time. Unfortunately some buyers don’t know that and they’re trying to get a better deal with fake promises. That is what I don’t like.


Reply to @madmoo: That’s what I’m talking about! The quality we offer has nothing to do with promises… :slight_smile:


Thanks for your comments everyone,

What I was trying to tell with this post is that, It was my choice to offer my services for $5, so I will do my best on every order, price doesn’t matter. We all agree to that, and every seller who is serious about his work on Fiverr does so.

In my gigs, there’s an extra fast delivery option. Many buyers don’t use that, but many times I deliver extra fast just because I have some free time. Why keep them waiting?

I think we all agree to that too.

Maybe many people are doing this because they think I won’t deliver in time or I won’t do my best for ‘only’ $5. Again, it was my choice to do it, so I will do my best.

The message I want to send to the buyers that promise LOADS of work to come if I deliver AWESOME work EXTRA FAST and do 3 times more than described in my gig is this:

I kind of feel that you’re begging. Therefore, I don’t think you’re serious and trustworthy. I would really appreciate it if you were honest with me. You may have loads of work for me, you may have one million orders to make, but it doesn’t have an effect on my work. You’re equal to every user who orders my gigs for the first time. I’ll be happy if we acquire a long term business relationship sometime, but you don’t have to ‘overpromise’ to make me overdeliver.


my buyers buy me extra gigs so i work better for them :slight_smile: . there are some who are my returning customers and good thing about them is that they just come back without promises. so far i am having a good time at fiverr.com .


Sometimes u need to contact buyers back to see if they need any service. maybe they just forget, u know

Tu Michael


I think some products have “trained” people to say this in order to negotiate or get rush service. And yes, you’re 100% correct. The more I hear that, the more I dislike it.


I’ve had total different experience, but that’s just me… I guess