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Im so angry! Negative feedback!


I post this Discussion only because now i’m really angry! I can’t explain how its possible buyer who order 5$ gig and expect moon. So when they see that moon cost extra money they just post negative feedback. I will not ask him to edit feedback, but i feel that fiverr must protect sellers from buyer who want extra work and when they can’t have it they just post negative feedback! All my negative feedback are from buyer like him! It’s not fair!


never deal with Fragglesrock - if you deal with him/her GOOD LUCK to you!

Firstly: due to different time zone, i told her i needed it urgently so she was agreeable of me paying extra gig of 1 day service, so i paid and eventually she get back to me in more than 48hrs, which its 2 days instead of 1. (Overcharged me…)

Secondly: she did a few edits which i felt grateful, but after the edit when i needed to send out for mass printing, the design was not completed meaning to say the border line that she have created was not joined together, so there were loop holes here n there which viewing from my phone was not good enough. So i asked her why are there missing lines, she just replied will get back to me. i waited for 3 days there was no reply from her. And now she blocked me from private messaging her.

it was really an unpleasant experience for me as it was my first purchase on Fiverr.

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But unlimited revisions not included free extra. My basic gig is for kindle cover ( flat one) and when work is done they request also print cover and you can see that this extra cost 20$ more, or request free image :slight_smile: So when they understand that can’t have what request for free just post negative feedback .


Reply to @sincere18: Totally, absolutely agree!


YEP, there are too freaking many FIVERR EXTORTIONISTS on this site who know exactly how to get free Gigs, it makes me freaking sick too. They need to have a REFUSE TO SERVICE option for Sellers. It’s getting to be a VERY BIG problem.


In some illustration categories there is an option to upload 2 additional pdf files to the gig gallery. I have used one of the pdf files to display the difference of the same gig ordered without and with the different extras. At least this way you have something to refer to if a buyer claims they expected more in a base gig without extras.


It happens all the time :slight_smile: In the past I tried to fight it and provided evidence to support that the buyer was either lying or blackmailing me to send free extras and so on… but nothing really happened. I just don’t care anymore,it saves me a lot of time.


Reply to @cre8iveartwork:

Seems like top rated sellers get most of these dodgy buyers. Starting to hope i’m never promoted!


@vikiana, That’s such an awful situation. Normally I’d recommend politely offering a refund. It stinks to have to do this, but once they accept it, the feedback is removed from your wall. And whether or not the Buyer doesn’t deserve free work, the negative feedback is far more detrimental than giving up $4.

BUT in YOUR case, I’m actually torn! You have SO many amazing reviews that this clearly hasn’t even made a dent on your rating. So maybe you might want to take a different approach? You probably can’t go wrong here.


If someone buys a gig, and you clearly state what the buyer will get for $5, and they ask for more, you should tell them politely that this level of the job will cost this much extra? If they would like to go ahead and order the extras in the gig you will get started right away. If not, I will gladly do a mutual cancellation so you can find the right seller.

Someone can only give you a negative review if you complete the job, in a case like this you should have cancelled the job and not done it. Sometimes you have to let a few of them go.


kjblynx All buyer know what they get for 5$, but they ask for more after i delivery, not before. I not support blackmail like this. I prefer send refund or have negative feedback. Once they have refund and try to use my work i always report the them to Amazon or elsewhere because of copyright, so they kill himself. In the past i report to fiverr support but now i'm too busy play game with someone who try use fiverr just for free work.


Hello Vikiana,

It is really unfair but, unfortunately, the negative feedback is a part of the eCommerce business. The only thing that you can do is to submit a negative review for this buyer and help other sellers to avoid him/her. I suggest you to do this on eBuyersReview*ed. I am using the website and I am really happy with it, it is simple to use and the available information is reliable.

Wish you luck,


Someone thinks that will ruin your business for one gig!


Reply to @mgjohn78: I was talking to a new seller that got promoted these days … he was saying exactly the same :)) …


Reply to @vikiana:

vikiana said: All buyer know what they get for 5$, but they ask for more after i delivery, not before.
You stress "UNLIMITED REVISIONS" & "100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE". Something has to exist (and be delivered) before it can be revised. If this is a problem for you, maybe you should change your gig description.


Reply to @itsyourthing: If you offer “unlimited revisions” is that before the order is complete - or does that mean over a lifetime forever? If it’s after you do the job and people can still come back to you, that is a problem as it is then no clear what you offer. BEcuase people will think you offer changes after and extra work.


Reply to @sincere18: I have no idea what @vikiana means by their policy. But yes, “unlimited revisions” can be interpreted as more work at any point after an initial delivery. That’s why I suggested revising the description.

I’m surprised it hasn’t been an issue sooner with 10,000+ orders.


Hi, i think she is not blocked you. I think that fiverr delete her account. By the way you can’t post any user name here, because of forum rules.