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I'm so confused about the categories, I'm not sure where to place my gig


Hi there!

I just created my first gig a few days ago and I realize that I might be having some problems with the category of my gig. I do grant research and it doesn’t seem to fit in any of the categories. I categorized my gig as Writing and Translation as it seems to be what most people who do what I do does. But I’m still unsure if that should be the category where I should place my gig. If I wanted to have my gig in two categories at the same time, would that be possible?
Any ideas?



Once chosen you cannot change the category but you can change the subcategory.


Hi @barbarasosan :sun_with_face:

You shouild not post your gig in two categories at the same time. Let me know about your gigs.


If you type “grants” in the search bar on the Fiverr main page you will find other gigs and you can check the categories. Some are in the category you have chosen.