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I'm so proud of this community


You guys take the time and effort just to welcome us! I mean… you could have made some money during that time instead of being here to say “Welcome!” to some random like me. This is just so sweet of you guys! I really like this community :heart:

By the way, I’m Bassem! a Motion Graphic Artist from Egypt. Started selling on Fiverr a couple hours ago.
So yeah… Thank you guys for motivating and helping us :slight_smile:


Thanks You very Much :wink::heart_eyes:


Subscribe to pewdiepie. :joy:


Haha, you got me :rofl:




Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


You are welcome to the Fiverr Forum


@lloydsolutions @emrlanka Thank you!!


Good to have you here. Hope you make a real fortune out of fiverr.



Welcome to forum!!! happy freelancing.


Thank you guys :heart: @arafatjamil01 @rizwansb


Welcome to the Fiverr ::star_struck::star_struck:


Welcome to the forum dude


@oisheenh @sasuvro Thanks! :heart:


Congratulations for joining us. I pray you get your first order soon.