I'm so sad, Why are people doing this?



If you did the job why did you accept the cancellation?
The timestamp is like 1 minute apart


Did you do the job? Why did he want to cancel?





I’m so said with this order.


Wow that’s sad! I am so sorry this is happening to you!


I had a worst experience…
A returning buyer got some issues while ordering a gig.
He ordered the same gig 3 times in the same second

He kept the 3rd order but I had to agreed on 2 cancellations

sorry for your rating. when you work hard, seeing your rating to be lowered like this is not motivating :frowning:


I’m sorry that you had such a bad experience.
Bear with it and move on, at least after 60 days this cancellation will be out of the metric.
Honestly fiverr should exclude the cancellation by buyer’s mistake from the seller’s analytic. I hope the staffs will come up with a solution soon.


In that case you know the reason. Technical issue on Fiverr’s side


Thank your reply damdsn.


Thank you so much power_design.


If It is technical issue then my Rating…:disappointed_relieved:



yes. The cancellation rate is here to reflect the seller’s quality service.
A high cancellations rate means a poor service.
So if buyer’s mistake (and system issues like my case) are included, the cancellation rate means nothing anymore. You can’t tell from it if the seller is providing a poor service, or if he’s the victim of some missclick…


Contact CS and ask them to cancel, this way orders complete rate will affect but gig position will be intact.
Also you should hide the buyer’s name (I guess)


I just don’t understand why seller should suffer when order cancelling, what’s the point?
After all, the buyer loses nothing, just only time (as well as the seller)
For what is this “punishment”, it has no meaning


Sorry for it.I hide that name.


Before this order ( Orders Completed rate 100% ) but after this order rate reduce to 67%.
Only I sad with this situation, not with buyer mistake.


That’s how some buyer that didn’t understand fiverr platform does. This also happened to me last month before I recovered it back again. Bro, just remain focus for the next month evaluation.
Sorry for the hot.


I’m sorry for the thing that you are facing right now! This is the only thing that we can’t control here in Fiverr… I’ve also had few difficult moments similar to this. Be strong…Keep going… We have to face all good and bad!

Good luck!


Thank your reply videopromo :+1: