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I'm so stupid. Yes, me

It’s not often I admit to being stupid - but on this occasion I will.

In the forums I sometimes talk about why I don’t accept orders with a 24 hour delivery. Global time differences, language barriers, other work in the diary, family, day to day life, etc - all mean that I don’t want the stress that comes with a 24 hour delivery.

*** NOTE TO BUYERS: Good sellers are often already busy with work and rarely have gaps in their work diary unless they look days or sometimes weeks ahead. ***

However, for the first time in maybe five years I accepted a request to make a custom offer with a 24 hour delivery, as I did have an empty day. The job was for a VID buyer. What could go wrong?!

In my defence, I applied some due diligence before creating the offer. We engaged in a brief but pleasant message exchange (inspiring confidence), I was able to view their job as a low resolution pdf (so I could see what the job involved), and the client agreed they would send me a Word document to work on immediately after they’d accepted the offer (which is fair enough).

They immediately accepted the offer - but failed to send the Word document, so I couldn’t start work. I chased and eventually they sent the document nearly five hours later. Those five hours meant it was then at the end of my normal working day. Instead of spending time with family I found myself working through the evening until about 11pm. I submitted the work and went to bed.

So why am I stupid? I didn’t stick to my own rules on Fiverr. The buyer felt genuine, but they messed me around big time - risking my stats and reputation as a seller. The moral of my story - don’t be stupid like me. Set rules that work for you and ALWAYS stick to them.


Without mistakes we would never grow and learn :slight_smile:


I rarely ever accept new projects on my days off from my regular full-time job. I know if I have a new order in my queue on my days off, my mind will start wandering towards it all weekend.

I try to stick to that rule just for a piece of mind.

I offer 24 hour proofreading service only in a gig where the largest word count is 525 words, which I can do quickly. I learned my lesson after having an experience similar to yours.


Yes, absolutely right.