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I'm soo mad

This soo makes mad… I had a selling made the job done… Me and the seller had an argue first I don’t remember that I agree to cancell the order… I opened my browser then I see that the order canceled by mutual agreement… What??? Any way… The buyer is still talking in the order page and I can’t answer hem… I tried to msg hem but he can’t except msg… It says privaty so thing… At least u can let me keep talking to him in the order page like he do… This is soo grrrrrrr… Maybe it’s time to level up fiverr costumer support will be great to

Ohh and one more thing… How about learning a bit from eBay how they do despot… Cus now I worked for 5 days send the work to the seller and now u give 85$ back like this easy? What about my work for 5 days!!! U have a long way to go fiverr

Grrrrr I can fix this selling for the buyer… Damn thisis soo cheap