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I'm sorry, but if English isn't your native language

… then you shouldn’t be offering English-speaking writing gigs on Fiverr. Of the several writers I’ve hired, only one could actually write well.

I really don’t mean to be ethnically prejudiced - but seriously. If you can’t speak proper English, what makes you think you can write proper English?!? So frustrating! I spend my hard-earned money on a writing gig, going against my better judgment in hiring a non-US writer; I wait 3 days for an order that should really only take a day, only to find that the writing is subpar.

And just so you don’t think I’m being prejudiced: I’ve hired a few US writers as well who sucked. That’s even more embarassing as an American. Good grief!


I understand your frustration.

I was getting paid $65 per each 700 word article, and because I had to produce so many a week, I hired several subcontractors from around the world. Thus, I spent much time fixing their articles. That took almost as much time as writing the articles myself! Almost.

So I guess that’s what feedback ratings are for; but it takes a lot of time to search feedback, and even then, it’s no guarantee.

Moral of the story: when you find a good writer, fave them and keep their contact info!

You can check out my gigs if you want. I am a genuine English writer :slight_smile:

Most sellers on here claim they are and stick up a picture of some stunningly attractive woman (who in more cases than not is fake) in order to entice buyers in. They then outsource the content to foreigners and the buyers end up with crap. The problem is that most of the buyers are not actually native English speakers themselves. This means that they fail to spot errors in the text and thus leave fantastic positive feedback. The seller then buys their way out of all negative feedback by giving a refund.

I watch about 6 or 7 writing gigs. About 75% of these have 5 negative feedback or more removed a week.

Although do bear in mind your statement “should only take about a day to write”. You have to realize that queues tend to be packed to the brim for some of the most popular writers! Sure, you could poor quality writing at the end of it. However, they were probably dealing with other clients at the time.

You should have hired me :wink:

Reply to @jess2323: Or me. If you’ve seen me around elsewhere…

Reply to @routhwick: huh??

Reply to @jess2323: Yes, I’ve been on G+, contributed to Wikipedia, and so forth.

@bachas85 Point taken.

I understand your grief. Although I am a seller, I have come across buyers and sellers alike who claim to be fluent but are really, appalling. But as @bachas85 pointed, it’s more of a fluency problem. I can speak and write English better than my native language. (not entirely proud of this)

On second thoughts, I think interacting with the seller prior to the actual transaction helps. : )

@sg_saheli very good point!

I guess that is where proficiency frameworks come in.

I am most familiar with the CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which recognizes 6 levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Whereby A1 is the most basic level and C2 stands for native (scholarly) proficiency/ fluency.

In order to be a translator, you need to be able to communicate at the C1 - level at the least. In order to produce a perfectly professional article, you need C2 proficiency.

I learned some time go that most native speakers of a language can handle the B2 level. In the same academic article, it was pointed out that B2 stands for ‘highschool proficiency’, C1 for bachelor and C2 for master, Phd and beyond.

Maybe this was of help? I am convinced that anyone with some academic background with regards to languages is aware of this or other frameworks. E.g. when someone claims to have a bachelor degree in a language, he/ she should be aware of those frameworks and/ or be able to tell you which level was obtained in which framework.

A list of commonly used frameworks can be found in Wikipedia, look for Language Proficiency.

I cannot post the link, because that is not allowed here.

i did the English test and couldn’t get a concrete result because my results where to far apart they said.

I was A2 in writing which is elementary and C2 in listening(C2 is Proficient). I think i did pretty good considering my main language is french and i learned English from being around English people, tv, internet etc… since being little. I’m better then a lot of my friend that are actually full English only people. funny.

But now worries i won’t make writing gigs anytime soon. hehe!

hello, I have something to add to this topic, I am not native in English, but something i´ve learned, the native person speaks at home and forget that to translate have to use grammar correctly, are details that must be taken into account when hire a service. I hope and has exposed well my point, I do not trust much of electronic translators online. I’m better on my Spanish.