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I'm starting to feel like it's over :(

I haven’t even made enough this month to cover my rent! In fact, this is the longest cold/dry/evil spell which I have ever had since first going freelance and I’m almost out of hope. I think this might be the end of Fiverr for me.

She doesn’t want me anymore. Existing gigs which I update, she eats mercilessly like a she wolf consuming her own should be beloved infants during a harsh winter. Worse, while new gigs seem to grow steadily in impressions and clicks, they are nowhere to be found in the search itself.

6 months of changes! And look what you have done to yourself, Fiverr! You’ve transformed your beautiful albeit odd workplace into a mad tombola of misery!

If there is any part of the old you left Fiverr, for God sake get a grip on yourself. You’re losing me and you’re mad to think that the Pros you’re sleeping with now will still be around when you need them to be like a good old budget lover will.

Anyway. That’s me, I’m off to the pub to drown my sorrows.


Hang in there. We’re all pretty much in the same boat. Fiverr most definitely has changed in the last few months. I have also experienced a decrease in sales. Apart from a couple of on-going projects and buyers. I haven’t gotten any new order requests.


Soliloquy was on point, if I weren’t a writer myself I’d throw some money at you for a speech.

@misscrystal another fine sellers falls prey to the Average Prices and constant Fiverr change :frowning:
Hang in there @cyaxrex you’re one of the finest on the platform and forum. If you leave I’ll have no one to call me Jin (not a bad thing though) :3
No, but seriously, if things have gotten so bad try contacting customer support maybe you’ll find someone in a good mood willing to lend a hand.

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Mine has picked up but all my orders are small now aside from regular buyers.

I think the average price thing has the opposite effect from the one intended and makes buyers place the smallest possible order.

It’s like seeing a certain model of new car that is $30,000 and seeing you can get it for $1000.

Can someone tell me if average order value is still showing on gigs?


Still seeing ‘starting at’, yet to see average price. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you offlinehelpers!

I had that same feeling you are expressing but this month so far has picked up for me.
Stick around and it might get better for you soon.

I didn’t change anything on my gigs as I felt that it was counterproductive to do that right now.

I think to be honest it’s kind of the end for the top sellers. I haven’t made as much as I used to anymore. Yeah it’s going to be a bit up and down but for the most part, Fiverr won’t go back the way it used to.


They need to put the algorithm back the way it was in the first four months of the year.
I did amazingly well then and it’s been downhill since April. I remember the notice that they were doing testing on it. Well the tests must still be going on, or they decided to keep it as it was in the tests. I wish they would give us an update on that experiment.

They told us that we would notice changes in the positions of our gigs and it was nice that they notified us of that. It sounded like it was only temporary.

In the last two weeks it’s definitely improved and I’ve gotten almost the usual number of sales aside from them being mostly small. I have a feeling that this will improve.


The start of this month was pretty slow for my gigs because of the release of Fiverr Pro, which I suggest you apply for if you haven’t already. My gigs fell out of search for a few days while I updated them last week (everything: images, descriptions, requirements, etc.), but my sales are back up again now.

I’d still prefer to have May’s algorithm back :wink:


Why would I apply for Fiverr Pro? I think that I have made it known that I am not a fan. Yes, there is the benefit of being featured prominently on the first page of search results but that benefit only exists because Fiverr purposefully gives Pro gigs special help. Release them into the wild and they become just regular Fiverr gigs.

Besides that, it is silly to suggest that everybody should apply to be a Pro seller.


You have to be ok with charging at least $100 too.

Fiverr need to receive large amounts of 20%. That’s what the FiverrPro do. :joy:

But, anyway, seriously, I sent the form 2 months ago, and I do not get answers. Neither approved nor disapproved, nothing. Just an email 7 days ago that says “We are still reviewing your request”. :sleeping::sleeping:

I’ll still be seller level 2 for another year. Maybe 2, maybe 3… when Fiverr see my ratings and send more impressions to my gigs.

It costs nothing to be on the site, except a little time input. Why not keep Fiverr there as an option and use this downtime to develop your business in other areas. I now do far more work with local businesses (at a much better rate) then on Fiverr because I could see the end coming. Fiverr will suffer massively with the Pro thing because you can get these Pro’s on your doorstep at the same price - why risk buying online?

The future for Fiverr is a strange one. There’s strategy from the top but it goes in the face of EVERYTHING that has made the site a success in the past. It’s like launching a new business on the back of the old. Think of another business that has done this successfully. They can’t expect people to go with them.


I must agree with you. From having a phenomenal year 2016 and 2017 starting off with a bang although now it feels like we might be going out without a bang.

Having said this, I am still hopeful that the algorithms will spin in our favour, yet again.

Hold tight, Soldiers - if you built it, they will come :raised_hands:


After weeks of waiting for a new order, I think its best for fiverr to remove the PRO GIGS and Average Prices.
FIVERR SUPPORT SERVICE, if something is not working for majority of sellers, WHY RETAIN IT? Please REMOVE THESE PRO GIGS, Average prices and put Algorithm back in place. Many sellers are already parking ready to go elsewhere.


The algorithm hasn’t deterred buyers from making purchases. We are still here, still buying. What it has done is to redistributed work to other sellers. 5r is still getting their 20%, so overall I’m guessing their revenue hasn’t gone down.

The real question is if the new sellers are providing the same level of customer satisfaction the established sellers were providing. Poor service keeps new buyers from becoming regular buyers.

Regular buyers have regular sellers and the occasional new sellers, we’re sticking around. :slight_smile:


Why would Fiverr remove Pro gigs?

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Good question. PRO GIGS are great. You can imagine making over $100 sale rather than $5 sale. Lets be honest. We all (sellers) crave for huge sales. I personally applied for PRO gigs but I have not got a reply. I think, we should all be equal and not hand selected.

So your sole argument for taking down the Pro category is that you were not selected, therefore it’s not fair?

You can sell more than $5 even if you are not labeled as a Pro gig, you do know that, right?