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I'm starting to see Fiverr EVERYWHERE & I couldn't be more excited


I joined Fiverr very skeptic, but now it’s become part of my main source of income & I don’t see signs of it slowing down. I’m wondering if you guys have had the same experience? I’m from New York, so to us, SEEING IS BELIEVING & now, I’m a firm believer and PROUD advocate of Fiverr & what it’s done for me & my wife!


Well good for you! :slight_smile:

I’m surprised it’s enough for a living in NY, but if such things start to work this way, it’s wonderful.


Reply to @ynneblack: Living in NY is expensiveeeeeee, ESPECIALLY more these days than it’s ever been. Due to Fiverr & the rapping/performances and writing I do outside of Fiverr, it’s situated me pretty comfortably!


Reply to @voiceoverrapper: I believe it is that bad :confused: But you’re dealing with it perfectly and I hope it will only get better. :slight_smile: It’s cheering to see someone from the more expensive part of the world living with help from Fiverr


Reply to @ynneblack: A positive attitude is worth more than all the money in the world. Money doesn’t buy happiness. It just allows us to survive :wink: Where are you located?


Reply to @voiceoverrapper: the Czech republic, it’s in the middle of Europe… not poor, not rich, we’re in the “middle” in many ways. :smiley: :slight_smile:

I agree - but it’s also harder to maintain happiness without enough money to survive without struggling.


Reply to @ynneblack: wow, you’re literally across the world! Middle Class is a blessing however you look at it. Just like Busy is a blessing. I agree with you that’s definitely harder to maintain happiness without having enough money to survive, but it’s also important to make the best of what you have since you do have SOMETHING :wink: