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I'm still not paid from fiverr

Greeting everyone

I’m on fiverr since 2017 - but this year I started working as a saller
Everything was perfect until 23 days ago.

(Nov 04, 19) I Withdraw a small amount of money into my bank acc
After 7 business days I contacted my bank to ask about my fiverr payment.
And they told me that I do not have any payment from fiverr on my account
Also that there is no waiting for payment status from fiverr for me.

So next day I went to my bank to get more informations.
And they told me in person that looking deep in to the banks system
(fiverr did not make any payments) They suggested me to contact the fiverr support
So I did and i wrote a ticket, As they told me at the bank I just need the number of transaction

I kindly asked the person who answered me on my ticket that I only need from them a number of transaction so I can show it to my bank as proof and they will look it deeply

Because when I go to the earnings section on the fiverr I can’t see the transaction only this text: Withdrawal Completed Successfully Nov 04, 19

But unfortunately after 8 days fiverr support didn’t answer me specifically
Only this: I can assure you that you will be notified as soon as there is any news regarding this matter.

8 days for one proof that they payed the money, just a transaction number
They have all my informations, that should last a maximum of 24 hours
And now is the eighth day and I am still waiting for an answer from fiverr support

Has anyone had this problem before?


Are you using Payoneer for withdrawals?
If so then I’d suggest checking that account.


No sir, I use always standard (Bank Tranfer)

Every time when I withdraw my money directly into the bank account I got the money after 5 business days…but not this time.

I didn’t know that was a possibility. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t and that I had to do bank transfer via Payoneer. It still transfers to my bank account but it goes through Payoneer.

Thank you sir for your kindest

To be honest with you, I never create a payoneer account, If the fiverr created it for me, how can I check my user name and pass? because when I go to the site i do not have the option sign in, only sing up

I think the problem of the transaction is from payoneer not from fiverr.
Try to contact payoneer customer support department by live chat.

Sorry, didn’t see this til now.
Fiverr couldnt have set this up for you.
Try using the “forgot password” with your main email(s) and see if you set up an account but forgot.
If you definitely, definitely, definitely didn’t set up an account, then that may be your issue - that you tried to withdraw to no account.

Hello everyone.
Here they are, all the new informations that I got so far.

After more than 1 day I restored somehow my password on payoneer.
I didn’t know the password because I didn’t create the account on payoneer.(fiverr created for me)

On my payoneer PANEL I saw that my status is pending for payment from Nov 04, 2019 to this day
So I contacted payoneer support, and today when i went to see the status of my ticket, my status was (solved)

Without any message from them, they just close the ticket.

My balance is still 0.00, and the status on panel is: PENDING

Also today is the tenth day and i still have no answer from fiverr support
and they promised me that they would answer me fastest they can.

All in all both companies behave irresponsibly at least in my case.
I really don’t know what else to do…does anyone have an idea?

I really need the money to pay for my studies, I’ve been late for payment for 20 days.
all because of them, I pay monthly installments, and if I don’t pay by the end of this month they will be kicked out

Does Payoneer show that money came in and then out of your account?
If so, then it should arrive in your account within a couple of days.
Payoneer’s first response to a payment issue is to “wait 4-5 days” so when you have waited beyond that you need to be very clear and direct about it with them.

If it hasn’t arrived in your Payoneer account at all then it seems more likely to be a Fiverr issue and you should follow up with them.

To be honest, you have acted irresponsibly by not researching how withdrawals from Fiverr work. There are Payoneer logos on Fiverr account withdrawal buttons and it is not possible to withdraw without configuring details like account passwords etc.

If I worked at Payoneer and saw a ticket from someone claiming that they did not realize they had an account, I’d think there was a security problem or someone attempting some kind of fraud.

Login to your Payoneer account and check your account funding sources. transaction history, and pending payments. If you can’t find any information regarding your payment, contact Payoneer to ask where it has gone.

Payoneer might have a big pot of money stashed away from people who withdraw money from fiverr but it doesn’t make it to their account.

Imagine not configuring your account to get money sent to you but using the withdraw to bank account button anyway. The money is gone. It’s somewhere at Payoneer. I’m sure they must have a special account for these.

@cyaxrex You may be right, I fiverr account 3 years ago, so maybe I don’t remember

@eoinfinnegan My my balance shows 0.00, but I have the option Upcoming transactions (1) from 4 Nov
2019, I’ll how you the image, and that I didn’t have those problems before

If you haven’t used your account for withdrawals in a long time then it’s highly probably the code for the withdrawals has changed.

I don’t know how Payoneer works but if it’s anything like Paypal, it might be solved by closing the account and making a new one. Not sure about that but it’s something I had to do once due to impossible to straighten out technical difficulties between fiverr and Paypal.

In my efforts to understand why I couldn’t make withdrawals, I learned that the website codes used for them involve a mind boggling amount of steps. Sometimes those steps get changed slightly, whether on purpose or by accident I don’t know. It looked incredibly complicated.

Thank you for your help.
I withdraw my money every 7 to max 10 days, and it was normal every time…(except this time)
I’m almost level 3 on fiverr so i think closing my account will be so damaged for my upcoming works.

Also I’m a verificated user on payoneer

I meant closing your Payoneer account and making a new one. Then registering that one with fiverr after removing the old one. But that only worked on Paypal so not sure about Payoneer.

Check your Payoneer dashboard.
You might have been asked for some ID or other verification details. Look and make sure there is nothin happening to your account.

This happened to me a couple of weeks ago, I had to send a new ID for some reason. When I did the money went through the next day.
I’m still confused how you can not know you have a Payoneer account to be honest. Do you not get emails when you withdraw money from Fiverr?

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This makes zero sense to me. Especially seeing this:

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I never got any email from payoneer sir…ever.
And yes I’m verificated with ID and security pass

So was I for 4 years and then I got a notification on the Payoneer Dashboard that I needed to verify myself again

Hmm. I did it last day, and how I do not have that option on my dashboard
I’m assuming that I’m verificated right now