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Im stucked up. Failure. I have made my fiverr account since weeks, not a single order. Im collapsing. Needs help

Please, help me out with how can i improve this.

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In the “I Will Write Enthralling Article For You” gig:
The number of words in each package aren’t clear.
eg. in the basic package it says “A 500 WORDS” then “I will write a 300 words article”.
Similar thing in the standard and premium packages.

In the “I Will Read Your Content And Highlight Errors” gig:
You’ve used the lower case word “I” in the gig description.
Also your gig title doesn’t mention it’s only for fiction but the gig description mentions story and plot. Maybe specifiy in the title if it’s only for fiction. Also some people might not want you sharing their plots with your friends to also get their reviews. You could also mention if there’s word count limit on the beta reading gig.


Hey, there’s no worries here. Many sellers take months before their first order. Did you try out the buyer’s request section for custom orders? Many new sellers start out there.


What @uk1000 has pointed out might, at first, not seem like much. But, trust me, it makes a huge difference. Everything you mention in your profile/gig description should be consistent to the minutest of details.

I hope that you soon incorporate the above-mentioned changes and earn your first buyer. :slight_smile:

Do not give up! Persevere! You will get through this. You’re not a failure. As @antimortem mentioned, it might take some sellers months to get their first buyer. In fact, I know quite a few well-established sellers who got their first order only after having been on Fiverr for a few months already.

Good luck! :sunny:

@uk1000 Sorry, I didn’t mean to reply to you.


In your Gig description, you say you like learning about writing, so I want to introduce you to a concept that will make your writing better. It’s called parallelism.

Most Fiverr writers, and writers in general, don’t truly understand this concept. Because of this, their writing never looks as professional as it could.

In a nutshell, a sentence is parallel if related units within it are similar in form.

Here’s an example of faulty parallelism:

I can write in different genres, for example, poems, article writing, blogs, informative writing.

Here’s how this sentence would look if it exhibited parallelism:

I can write articles, blogs, poems…

Notice that the three related items in the list are now similar in form. They’re all simple nouns displaying plural number.

Parallelism can be employed throughout a text, not just in lists. It’s a real game charger.

The concept took me a while to grasp, so feel free to reach out if you want more advice.


How do i do that? I searched it up, maybe im not able to find it.

Thank you so much!
I hope i can get ahead with help im getting from here.

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Thank you! I don’t know how I did this blunder. This community and you all are so helpful. Thank you!

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Thank you! If I continuously get checked up here. I will probably start getting orders. Looking forward to get some achievement.

I am also desperate, I have so many skills in the field of graphics and designing yet no one bothers to reply back even on cheapest offerings I make to buyer’ request. Help Help Help!!!