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I'm super tickled, just got a nice surprise!

Level 2 seller thingy just popped up after my latest sale! This month has completely rocked. It’s nice to be able to buy my husband what he wants for Christmas and have a little left over for myself. I’ve not worked a 9-5 in years due to chronic illness, so this is really great for me to have a little independence. Love me some fiverr.

@grafficalmuse How many total orders you have completed when you got level 2?

Great to know you have good gifts this Christmas…All the best for your next Journey for TRS… And i wish you get well soon …

I have no idea how much I did, but there is a minimum of 50 in two months I believe.

Thank you dear!

Wow thats awsome man,looking forward to my level 2 status even though i’m just starting out,congrats.

Congrats! I know how poorly chronic illness can affect your self esteem, and I am glad Fiverr is giving you not only a little independence back, but also some confidence. Keep up the good work!

That’s awesome! Wish you the best for the New year!