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I'm sure this is a scammer, this is so hilarious

Today, I had received this message

Who will ever use the forum to promote the gig. Why will people need to pay someone to post a forum here?
Those “scammers” really desperate for money haha


The guy must be new prob. He might not know that promoting is not what forums are for :rofl:

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I wonder how he’ll do the promotion as you can only promote your gigs in ‘introduce yourself’ and ‘improve my gigs’ section.

This is pitiful and hilarious at the same time.

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I believe sending other sellers messages regarding promotions like this is against TOS

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Seller shouldn’t contact others sellers. I would’ve reported them, clearly they didn’t read or understand the Terms of Service.

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oh yeah. that is true

I had send this forum link to the “scammer” , he will be able to see all the comments hah.
He also blocked me after I send the link

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Lol, I will promote your gig for $10000 on my imaginary Facebook group with 8 billion followers. This is a joke of cause. :rofl: