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I'm suspending my gigs :(



i have to suspend my gigs for 10 days to focus on my exams, wish me success.

i will miss fiverr :confused:

see you ^^


Im curious what happens when you suspend gigs do you get a penalty or is it fine as long as you don’t have orders in progress ?


Please don’t mind me saying this but

who gives a s#*!


I wouldn’t suspend the Gigs - just set your Gig to vacation mode and state in your Gig profile why you’re gone and the date you’ll be back. With vacation mode, this feature keeps your Gig up (not active, but no removed from preview like just suspending them), and allow users to get notified of a certain Gig they’re interested in when you return. You’ll get daily email notification of the number of people that are waiting for a specific Gig for when you get back.

Good luck with exams! :slight_smile:

(Reply to @scottmcfadden) Suspending your Gigs will remove them from Fiverr’s Gig search making them unavailable for Buyers to find or see.


Reply to @scottmcfadden: no it’s normal. you can suspend them or enable the vacatoin mode


Reply to @thepromogirl: thank your for this precious advices ! it’s the first i’m gonna do this so i didn’t knew the right way.

thanks again

imadou said: hank your for this precious advices ! it's the first i'm gonna do this so i didn't knew the right way.
thanks again

Anytime! :)