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I'm taking a break

Hey, so i have been doing fiverr for two months now! I just got seller level one and i’m really happy about that. However the work i do is really draining and i have to work for 5-7 hours for just one order of $30. I also have 1-day delivery so there have been time where i have had to add a day or two of delivery time because i’m tired. I would definitely do fiverr again if i’m in need of money so just saying i’m not quitting, but taking a long break.

This has been a very good experience in work ethic as well as time management. I’m also going to be very busy with real life stuff so i don’t have the time to do fiverr until the winter or next summer. I hope my account stays alive and doesn’t get deleted or frozen. I still have some pending funds that i need to withdraw.

Is there any feature on fiverr that allows me to take a long break without any certain comeback time? Should i just pause all of my gigs or go into Out of Office mode?
For now ill pause all of my gigs and focus on college.

Once again, fiverr helped me a lot and i even bought myself a new computer!
I wish you all good, and farewell.


Put your profile on Out of Office - you’ll find it in settings.


Yes, but putting it in Out of Office makes you have to specify your return date, and i don’t have a fixed date of return. I also don’t want to deactivate my account as i think i’ll be back to do more work later this year.

If it makes you input a date, then yeah I would suggest pausing all your gigs.

However, if you’re being overwhelmed by the amount of work, that probably means you need yo increase your prices. From what you’ve said, you’ve set your prices so low that you’re making only $6 per hour at best! That’s less than minimum wage (in the US at least).

So take a break and when you get back, don’t be afraid to charge what your work is worth. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, thanks for the advice! I paused all my gigs. Also, the minimum wage here is very low, about $200/month so i might do fiverr as a full-time job if i find a good gig concept after i’m done with school. That’s why at the time working at that price was really great for me even though it’s less than what others make.


I liked your concept.

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