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I'm talented in literature but I don't know how to make my first sale

I figured that I could use my talent to earn money but as soon as I started a gig many people viewed it but none of them purchased. I’m only aware that to earn more clients I need to start at a cheap price and slowly increase it by the time my gigs popularity has also increased.


This means that those who view your gig are leaving without purchasing from you… probably because they do not find your gig interesting.

I had a look at your profile. You claim to have a passion for reading and writing. Unfortunately, your gig description doesn’t seem to reflect that.

Why don’t you put your passion to good use in writing a more detailed gig description? It is a wonderful place to show your passion for writing. :slight_smile:

The actual gig description is only two lines (followed by a couple of bullet-points of what you offer)!?? I am sure you can do better than that. :slight_smile:

Your current gig description also has a few grammatical errors in them. Prospective clients pay close attention to such details before deciding whether or not to purchase your gigs. I suggest that you go through your description again and polish it a little bit more.

Unfortunately, this is not a get rich quick website. There is a great deal of competition on this platform, and I think you need to put in more effort in designing the best darn gig that you possibly can.

I find this bullet-point :arrow_down: very awkward. I’d suggest that you remove this from your gig description. :slight_smile:

  • Finesse in many sentences (taken from your gig description)

Oh, your gig also lacks an FAQ section. I really suggest that you read more articles and posts on the forum as well as the Seller Help Center (where they have given tons of suggestions on improving sellers’ gigs).

Having a well-structured FAQ section is one of the basics of creating a good gig. A detailed FAQ section makes for a strong and impressive gig.

Good luck! :sunny:

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