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I'm the best baby

hi , you , yes you dude ,you need the best web site , i’m here i will help you to creted best one , i waiting you


Welcome forum. Lets enjoy! :grinning:

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hhh whate you need dude

Bro, baby, dude, sir, ma’am, mister, miss…

I think you are posting in the wrong forum category.

He is posting in the wrong environment.

But hey he did warn us with the topic title, he is just a baby, right?, Best but still a baby.

I think this is a troll baby.


Disappointingly, I haven’t read someone on the forum (troll or not) use the term “dudette” yet.

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Yeah baby… lmao… :smiley:

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why how are u dude hhhhhhhh

This is a professional sector. Please be professional and productive.

Gotta love this post.