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I'm the new Fiverr seller

Hey, my name is reji from reji_freelancer and I’m new here. Very excited. I have worked as a freelancer for many years but I am new to Fiverr.I am from India. I created my new gig yesterday. There are lot more to come**.Please help me to get orders**.My first gig -QR codes maker. Please share the link given below and support me.
Thank you


Welcome and have great future

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Thank you abm_abdullah for your great words

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Welcome to fiverr. Really fiverr is nice marketplace for all.

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Thank u faysalsiddik.

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I am a new seller also. check my gigs is it ok. click

I am also from India. I really hope you get orders real soon.

Welcome to fiverr :blush:

Thank you so much farzeen_sahreef
Can i know which state are you from?

Hi can you tell how you added like this

I clicked on click and I was directed to your gig and when I came back I saw 3 clicks,clicks incresed

Thank you so much happy to see that there are lots of supporters here.

These are some Qr codes I designed.
How’s it?