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I'm tired of being ripped off! Why are fiverr buyers hard to trust?

I’m tired of being ripped off! Why are fiverr buyers hard to trust?

I’m a writer and I have had issues with fiverr buyers who would send me a message and behave like they would really place an order but they don’t - especially after I work on the job and send part of it for free.

I only do this when the buyer explains that he wants to judge my skill before he accepts my custom offer

I will spend days working on the first part that would be free and when I finally send to them, they might not respond again or might send message and say that a top quality piece is sub par.

The truth is, it could be collections of short articles and I would send part of it for free - as requested by the buyer or it could be collection of short stories or poems.
They usually promise to order if the quality is good.

And with good faith, I used to do this - so that the buyer will judge my skill before I proceed.

But I feel buyers who don’t respond

Or buyers who say my high quality piece is sub par were never planning to order…
They just wanted to receive the piece for free and I know if they do that to other sellers, they will ultimately have the entire work they need without actually paying a $.

I have decided that I will no longer send samples or extracts or paragraphs from a larger piece for free. I will only send for @ least 5$.

The truth is fiverr platform favours the buyer more, and I get that… But, I have made my decision.


Thats 90% not true.

It was your choice at the end to give work for free :wink:
They didn’t push you, they didn’t blackmail you and it’s your responsibility to say no if you don’t want to work for free.
So “fiverr favour buyers more” in this case is not applicable.

But you made the right decision to not let anyone else to exploit you.


On the one hand I don’t like to see people taken advantage of.

But on the other hand you have to accept a lot of the responsibility here.

Never ever offer work for free. It is the golden rule. The moment you break this rule then you are opening yourself up to being conned and abused.

You’ve just said you spent days working for free. Why? If a seller isn’t prepared to pay for a sample piece of work, then they’re not worth working with. It is that simple.

You’ve got to learn to never work for free and to always charge for samples. If a potential buyer refuses to pay for a sample, then you know they were only ever going to abuse in the way you’ve already described.


Believe me, I was desperate.

Imagine not getting an order in 2 years

Ok, thank you for words

We live and learn. Offering anything for free on marketplaces like Fiverr only ever ends in tears.

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Yes, it will ultimately end in tears.

Anyway, I’m finally getting orders from good people.

Two orders in one week now.

I’m beyond happy!!

May I suggest this when people ask for samples, since this is what I do.

You prepare samples in different fields, something that you know most customers will want to see and send them that.

It will be evidence of your skills without you working for the client on his specific subject.

For example, if the client wants me to send him a sample of evidence I can draw the geometric logo of penguin, I send him lion or sea horse.

If a client wants overlay in blue brick wall custom made I send him a yellow brick wall.

I prepared samples of my work for all my GIGs and samples are more than enough to represent my skills.

In case buyers are asking for something I can create fast I send him a sample but heavily watermarked or half the image.

You just need to be creative in a way you approach buyer so he feels your professionalism, capability, quality without you working extra for free or sounding condescending.


Oh, thanks for this advise.

I really appreciate this

I would say its your fault & I hope you have learned lot too, for future don’t offer cost free work to any buyer, a big NO to them is right choice rather then getting frustrated at the end!


Ok, thank you for words

Stop doing it FULL STOP my friend. There is no need to send samples. If they want a sample, ask them to purchase a small order to start and then a larger order if they’re happy. Or stop working with these types of buyers altogether - they’re almost always more trouble than they’re worth.


Thank you for advice.

I really appreciate it

You do that and wonder why you’re being ripped off? Really?

You’re ripping yourself off and encouraging others to RIP you off for you. You’re also extremely undercharging, which of course only attracts sketchy people.

If you want to attract buyers who respect and won’t try to cheat you, first you need to respect yourself and think more critically. No professional client would expect this or value someone who would do it. No one.

There are many issues with Fiverr but your complaint isn’t one of them. They can’t protect you if you dont follow their ToS. It’s not Fiverr’s fault that you voluntarily exploited yourself and broke the ToS. You won’t improve until you start taking accountability. You caused all of this.

Do you really think a professional would expect quality from someone charging $5 for a short story? Really? Folks who want quality and understand value know that they get what they pay for.


I understand that I am at fault too. But you make it seem like it is my fault alone.
I’m not at fault when people decide to be sketchy or dishonest.

What I can do is to be more careful and never undervalue myself.

Thank you for your advice

I really appreciate it

Opinions vary here. I do think it is your fault to a degree if you fall for obviously sketchy ploys. Like, if you send money to the prince from a certain country, sorry but that’s kinda your fault. It’s called common sense.

If a buyer asks for free work promising they’ll get you a lot of paid work later, it’s a lie. Everyone knows it’s a lie. So if you fall for it, it’s kinda your fault.


I don’t know about that… But after two years that’s how I got my first order… I sent him about 100 words first . And he placed the order…

Successful deal!

There are good and honest buyers on Fiverr but unfortunately, there are more sketchy buyers on fiverr…

But, thank you for words.

I really appreciate it

Yes you are.

That buyer never bought anything and never made a contract with you. You can’t uphold rules that don’t exist.

Yes, of course people shouldn’t scam, but what do you want Fiverr to do? Force the buyer to buy something they never bought? Retroactively create a contract and force the buyer to sign it? That’s not how contracts or purchases work. They are made before the work is done and agreed to voluntarily by both parties.

You’re asking for justice that isn’t possible in any logical or legal way. That’s why you don’t break the rules. You have no way to protect yourself, especially if you think doing work without a confirmed payment agreement is a good idea.

You decided to do a ton of labor unpaid. That is no one else’s fault. The fact that people take advantage of that doesn’t change that fact.

So, I’m not asking for justice, I have accepted that it’s also mg fault and I will do better going forward.

But, I Still don’t agree with you that it is entirely my fault.

I will do better next time but if Someone decides to be dishonest, that is an inherent issue and I’m not the reason.

I hope you understand

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No, I don’t understand. You come here to make Fiverr look bad, blaming Fiverr for you scamming yourself and breaking the rules Fiverr made to protect you.

It’s not Fiverr’s fault that you volunteered to break the rules and exploit yourself and there is nothing
Fiverr can do for you.

They have many rules in place to protect you. You broke them.