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I'm tired of being ripped off! Why are fiverr buyers hard to trust?

I didn’t


I’m not here to make fiverr look bad if that’s what you think then you are very wrong.

I just posted how I felt about certain buyers …

I know fiverr made rules to protect sellers too but like I said I’m not here to make fiverr look bad … No!

Infact, I never even blamed Fiverr in my initial post.

Just posting how I feel on this forum.

I’m not pointing fingers at anybody.

I hope you understand

No 2

You seem to be taking this issue personally.

Have you experienced something similar before?

[quote=“prolifc_ollie, post:1, topic:485973”]
The truth is fiverr platform favours the buyer more,
[/quote] This doesn’t apply to you because the person isn’t your buyer.


No. I find it frustrating when people volunteer to mistreat themselves and then wonder why it keeps happening.

This is a place to promote self-respect, not be mad that disrespecting yourself led to the inevitable. It perpetuates unhealthy ideas about how to sell.

No one should exploit themselves ever.


Hum, :thinking: .

Kinda generalizing, don’t you think, OP? Seems a bit unfair.

Did you ask them if they liked your writing? I’m NOT insulting you, just that writing styles are unique to every person.

Some may not like your storyline, wording, spelling, flow, etc.


That’s the issue, once I send the sample… They don’t respond. even after I ask if they liked it.

Oh, I am not mad anymore. I have learnt my lesson … Infact that was the whole purpose of my post. But, you seem to think that I’m trying to blame fiverr. No!

Anyway, thank you for commenting and debating on the issue. I wasn’t expecting so much interaction from the forum.

I will definitely learn a lot from pros here