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I'm tired of male harassment just cuase they can


For those of us who work here, it is usual for potential clients to introduce themselves and tell us what they are looking for, as a seller in my experience, messages that start with a simple “hi” and nothing more of that until I give them my answer, sometimes they tend to be by very new people using the service or people who do not want anything related to the services we offer. On two occasions I received dick pics and the truth is something gross, THIS IS HARASSMENT AND NOTHING WAS RELATED TO A POSSIBLE WORK, I do not know what kind of pleasure these people cause them because they do nothing but waste their time and that of the sellers . The first occasion I spoke with a potential customer conversation was strange at first told me that the way I drew I should be very beautiful and ihe insinuated me several times I was new working on fiverr and I never had nothing happened the same, continue the conversation thinking that only wanted a portait of his face or even the bust in my style, he told me he was going to send me pictures of him so that I could see how he was and thus be able to make the portait and after that he sent Several dick pic and a photo of the naked with his erect penis, asking me if I found it appealing THIS IS FIVERR, NOT TINDER. At no time we talked about a full body portrait, it was a simple bust according to him for “his company” after that I told him very politely (because fiverr has policies and can sanction us for bad vocabulary) that I was not interested to know if he was attractive or not that I only offered illustrations and that we had talked about a portrait up to the bust. Then this guy sent me more pictures of him naked with his erect penis claiming that he only wanted to know if it seemed attractive to me and what would happen if he asked me for a portrait of his full body photos, and that he wanted to know if his penis I found it nice, to which I replied again that I was not interested in knowing if his penis was nice or not, that it could be a model or actor’s penis and that if the job was to draw it I was going to draw it because my job is to draw and I have no problem in drawing nudity as long as people are legal of age. He asked me again about him and his body and insisted on knowing if it was beautiful. at that moment I noticed that he did not want anything related to working with me and I declared it as spam, I think that there was no option to block a user from the web, it was an unpleasant experience.
The second time I received a “Hi” cordially reported that I could help and this potential customer answered “This” followed by a dick pic for that moment and we could block people did not respond anymore and block it.
Today I just received an unusual message, started with a “Hi” ask how ever kindly I could help this man said “youre gender” my gender is in my personal information in my profile and in the reviews, I am a woman, I I was really a bit afraid to answer a woman and for the third time he sent me a photo of a penis without context as an aggression and blocked it. Maybe it was not the case and this person wanted to know for another reason if it was male or female but I had similar experiences where they explained to me because they needed to know if it was a woman or not and because they needed an illutrator of a certain gender, but they did it from the beginning explaining about the project.

The truth is that I do not understand if this always happens or just happened to me or is isolated, it is not something related to porno or erotic art I have worked in erotic art and I have had very good experiences from respect and good communication. But these 2 disgusting experiences were not related to work, it was simply harassment because they had a fiverr account and a penis. I do not know if any of them have happened to you or have a similar experience.

Please I would appreciate it if nobody says it is my fault and that I did not manage the situations in the best way, to receive a picture of a penis without context or explanation is not a pleasant experience much less something that provokes or has to handle.

Pornographic Material/Nudity is banned on Fiverr. Report these people to the Support!!


Every problem you are detailing can be solved by not responding and hitting the report button.

It is not your fault that there are creepy perverts in the world. However, you absolutely do not need to even enter into discussion with them. If you receive a message like this, click report and contact customer service.

There is no need to enter into any kind of discussion. Fiverr prohibits adult services. In this case, you would actually be in breach of TOS if you completed what did (in the very small chance), turn out to be a genuine order for ‘erotic art.’

Hit report, contact CS, and don’t communicate in any way. Aside from the stress involved with receiving an explicit message, that’s problem solved.


If you have a cell phone, you can block the user, as well. Just find the message, and hit block.

I use it often.


The next time it happens (I hope it does not happen again) I will do it, thank you!

Sincerely the first time that happened to me was the first time I received this content in my life I did not know how to act and I was very nervous, I did not even know of this forum to ask for advice. I remember that at that time in the option to report only there was to mark as spam and to make that they could no longer answer the message. Now, sincerely, when something goes as weird as the message I received today, I simply report it and block it. but if I receive again a message like the other 2, I will definitely contact CS
Thanks for the advice and the support :blush:

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The first time this happened to me to in the report secction was only the option to mark it as spam and once you did that the web stop the responding of the messages, the second time I block him is very useful. But it does not take away from my mind why someone makes an account in fiverr just for this, I despise them.

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