I'm tired. Too many revisions :(


I feel so exhausted. I have been working with a client who keeps changing instructions with every revision. She has been very gracious in paying for the extra revisions so its okay on that front. But those everlasting revisions are really draining me and I am now considering canceling the order. I think this is the hardest I have ever worked for so little money since joining Fiverr. maybe it’s time I changed my rates again.

[Side note: I got back my level 1 even though I have been in “vacation mode” most of the month. Yaaaay!]


Here is what to tell him:


I don’t provide unlimited revisions, free or otherwise for this very reason.

In my experience, 5+ rounds mean either that the information the buyer has provided was not final/approved by everyone involved in the project or that the buyer doesn’t know what he or she wants. And if it’s the latter, the project can get out of control, both in terms of deadlines and resources.

I’d ask the buyer how many more rounds will it take in their estimation to get an idea of where all this is going and put “no unlimited revisions” in your gig description.


I just offer 3 revisions, and make it very clear, more than that it will cost 10% of the total price.


I think this describes my buyer.

I love this! I think I will edit my gigs to include this