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I'm too confused with this new forum


I am not confused about new forum features, its look awesome with lots of features included :slight_smile:


Am I right? It’s very different than what I’ve ever see


I’m confused too but it may clear up in time.

  1. We can’t look at a poster’s profile or gigs. edit: my little photo here has a link to my profile under it.
  2. We can’t report spam edit: we CAN by clicking on the flag, flagging it
  3. We have no way to tell who a poster is replying to in a long set of responses,
    each reply gets added to the bottom of all the other replies.
  4. Hopefully I can find out how to turn off email notifications whenever someone replies to my posts.
    edit: I clicked on my little profile picture in the upper left then clicked on the gear icon


You can report a post by flagging it-----click on “…” --------there you should see a little flag icon

You can turn your email notification off by clicking on your profile pic in the upper right corner----click on the little wheel for “settings” ---- undo the check mark "send email notifications "


hahah same here ! But I think we need some time to adjust with these new forum. Many new features. Fast to load . Searching is very good . Levels ! I think new from the old one !


There are lots of new features added up which are great…its confusing just for one or two days…Things will be a bit clearer after that…

I too noticed one thing about the post as @misscrystal that every posters reply is adding at the bottom which is bit confusing sometimes but it is fine to some extend.


I found out how to see who a person is replying to. On the top right of the post there will be an arrow pointing to the right, and the name of the username.


yep @misscrystal no.3 annoys me too, it was nice being able to flow the reply tree. they should fix that


yes you are right thanks, but how can you see the original response they are replying to? edit: ok i’m super lazy it seems. you just click on the username/pic next to the curvy arrow and the original message will show


I am a little bit confused by it too, but it’s still the first day and I am sure we will all get used to it. Some things are cool though. Like the fact that you can edit your profile. I am not sure if you could do that on the previous one.

Also, the badges look like fun to collect. :yum:

I am not a fan of the layout, the previous one was bigger and I liked the fact that it had a small preview of the post.

But like I said, we will get used to the new look.


This new forum is actually very nice! :blush: So many features!


We did ask about nested responses and that may not be possible on this one. The other things mention do work, checking the photo and arrow in the upper right corner of the post, for example.

Also, if you think to say @chicagowriter when you are replying to someone, that helps and it gets you notified (if you choose to be) when someone talks to you directly. You don’t even have to remember the person’s whole username. I started typing @chicag and a list of users that start with that popped up for me to choose from. Hope that helps!


quiet helpful indeed. I’m figuring out a lot of things and I’m beginning to warm up to the new look and features. Im actually scared I might spend more time on the forum than on the orders :smiley:


This is a similar layout to another forum I used with the exception there are actual nav links at the top. It took some getting used to at first but when they finally implemented some organization it was a little better. You will have to use the 3-line box next to the magnifying glass to navigate to specific areas of the forum.


Wow, I’m away for several days, I log in, and this is what I see.
I know it’s just the matter of getting used to this…
but dang, it’s quite confusing…


Well :smiley: i think it just need a better visual style :slight_smile: but anyway it works perfectly


@zeus777 @psychicbunny


Yes I agree, the good new options tremendously outweigh the ‘not so good’, this was a major update, a step forward into 2020 lol, great features include

1.You to get to see who’s trying to be your “boifriend or gurlfriend”…:couplekiss:, by viewing the “Most Liked By” sections in the “Profile Summary”…:couple:
2. Get badges for being active etc. :trophy:
3. Easy profile access/details by clicking on users name
4. being able to 'quote a user" :floppy_disk:
5. Easy access to everyone’s favourite language “emoji”… :blush:

Plus lots more…anything I forget? :wink:


Niche forum with lots of new features, I am really enjoying this forum. Thanks


Trying to figure that out lol