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I'm too scared to spend US$ 400 on a gig

I bought a few smaller gigs so far with very mixed results from absolute great to almost fraud and incompetence. But now i need design work which i think is at this price level (even for developing world designers). Fiverr TOS say they dont offer refund based on bad delivered quality.

Hi, so your best bet is to ask to see samples of work. I regularly charge $400+ for individual gigs, but I always have long conversations with the buyer ahead of time and share relevant samples so they can see my work. I wouldn’t buy a gig “blind” for $400, but if you can establish a rapport with a seller, there’s every possibility they will deliver $400 worth of value for money.

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Is there any way you can split the order up into smaller pieces?

Yes samples are good but how do you protect against them sending you just stock pictures?

I dont think i can’t split this offer. One graphics is one graphics. I could only buy something cheap that i don’t really need for a fraction of the money. But i don’t like to waste money like way.

Since you said you had some great experiences here with certain sellers, why not go with sellers you’ve already worked with? That way you’ll have a guarantee of quality.

I don’t see any reason you have to go for a $400 gig if you’ve already found quality at cheaper prices.


If you are not comfortable risking that much then you probably shouldn’t. As somaginer said, you can find high quality work for much less than that.