I'm Top Rated! :)


Hello Guys!

After working hard for around 2 years i’m now promoted as a top rated seller finally! Thank you Fiverr!



So why are you on vacation? Cebooker, posting on the forum helps your self-promotion, most people are not gonna sign up for “notify me.”


Congratulations on your success. Hopefully it brings you even more customers.

Useful gigs, too, bookmarked them for future use :slight_smile:

You’re an inspiration and hopefully in some time we can match your success :slight_smile:


how come it doesn’t show the top rated seller icon next to the name on here in the forum?


Reply to @joeyperezwest:

it takes 12-36 hours to register


Congrats so awesome !!! Very happy for you!!


Reply to @fastcopywriter: I got the badge few hours before i turn on the vacation mode. I needed a little break :slight_smile: Will that effect my status? This is the 1st one for this year.


Thank you everyone


Reply to @cebooker: There are horror stories on Fiverr about vacationde and you can find them with a search. It might not hurt you depending on how long you have it on and when your new status is utilized in search. You risk missing out on the big boosts Fiverr gives new TRS.


Congrats ,… Wish To be same Like You…


Congratulations, I didnt know that it took that long to be rewarded but it must feels good!


Me too!


Reply to @ardicus: Its been longer then that on mine and it still shows purple. :confused:


my congratulations. i can feel your feelings… :D.


Reply to @joeyperezwest:

same here. i’m also top rated but here still level 2 :frowning:


Congrats. I hope to match your achievements soon. All the best.


wow! congratulations!