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I'm totally and utterly new!


I’m new at Fiverr and I aspire to sell here!
I like to draw, eat, 3d model, bake cakes (kind of combines with the eating I must say), read manga and comics and allot more but I can’t see to think of them… :confused:

Something I have drawn:

I hope to be able to meet allot of fun and interesting people and earn a bit of money (and maybe spend it here later on)


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! I’m courious of how it will go

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Take time to read through the forum and you will find lots of tips. Also check out for how to get off to a great start on Fiverr.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


I will! There are allot of guides and such. And that was just me being on the forum for an hour. :exploding_head:
One of the tips was to include a video to show a bit of who I am. I’m wondering whether that also works if you’re not cute/beautifull/handsome etc…

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Have a look in your category to see what others are doing. Don’t think very many have videos! You may wish to create some more gigs though.

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You can (edit: have a video, that is) but you don’t have to.
When you read about it all the time, you think you have to, of course, but I didn’t feel comfortable with it, and I still got and get orders. Many people get orders without having videos, it depends a bit on your gigs obviously too, for some, it’s more or less obviously mandatory, for others not really.

It certainly will help, because people like to know whom they are dealing with, but don’t feel pushed; what people most want to see, is samples of stuff you did, so make good use of the up to 3 gig images + PDFs you can upload.

Welcome to the forum, and nice avatar!


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That’s a good idea… I had only focused on the ones with videos but I should have done the reverse :sweat_smile:

I want to create some more gigs too! I have at least two more ideas (at the moment) but I want to present them as finished and proffesional as possible to leave a good first impression.

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Hmm I guess that’s true… :thinking:

And thanks! I made it myself. I thought not only horses can have a magical horn, sheep can too! And there it was :relaxed:

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Welcome and may that you enjoy great success!

Thank you! I’ll try my best!

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Go ahead, You will success !!

Thank you! I’ll try :muscle:

Good luck. I’m also new. Let’s hope for the best :heart:

Yeah! Let us both succeed (to some extent anyway :smile: )