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I'm unable to get buyers. Please help


My rating is 90% but I’m still unable to send offers to buyer requests :unamused:


As far as I have seen your Gigs. They are not that eye catching. Especially the thumbnails. Complete your Fiverr profile as fiverr asks and also Create good thumbnails and catchy videos for your Gigs. See the top rates sellers. Be there on fiverr according to your customer’s area. Like when they are online you should also be online. And the best thing is be patient. Patience is the key to success.
At the end I would say Best of luck to you. :sunglasses:


Is it that you still can’t send them, or you can send them, but there aren’t any available to see?

Well done for getting your percentage back up BTW!

@adnanarshad - I’m sure @ailurophile23 is grateful for the advice you offered, but she didn’t post in ‘improve my gig’, which is where constructive criticism like yours is welcomed. :wink:

Mod Note: Just to clear this up, usually it would be off topic to post critique info in categories that are for other things, which is why offlinehelpers correctly noted the category issue at the time. It appears that someone moved the topic to Improve my Gig after this comment was made. Take care about posting off-topic since most of the time posts are removed (not just moved) if they are completely off topic.


thanks for compliment :blush: appreciated


You’re welcome! :sunny:


Well done for getting your percentage back up BTW!

thanks :kissing_heart:


bad and good days are part of freelancing… stay here your days will come…


@zubairfb thank you so much


keep up your passion. And promote your gig. Then order will automaticlly come.


keep it up and you see you ration is increase step ny step


it’s so sad. :frowning: keep doing marketing all your gig.


@ailurophile23 According to your profile, your overall star rating is 4.6. I don’t think that is high enough to use Buyer Requests, although I don’t recall the exact requirement. Besides that, Fiverr now restricts sellers by level, so that could also cause you some issues. You may need to work quite hard at putting out a higher quality product or consider changing your services to something else. Good luck with it. I’ll put a link up for you in the thread closure note.


:star: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Etc.) .