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I'm very disappointed for the new monthly evaluation

I am in fiverr for more than two years and I finished many positive transactions.
This new ridicuolous montly evaluation punishes the sellers. In my account for one negative feedback from a bad buyer fiverr removed an entire level! I have all high standards but I suffered a further demotion for a rating of 4,7 in the last 60 days (one only star from a buyer who has offended me). I have no words. It does not make sense to have more than 300 positive feedbacks with a rating of 4,9 without a level :frowning: This system is defective. Do you have a similar situation? Let’s talk about.


Believe me you’re not alone, i’ve got demoted for the second time and same reason 2 cancellations from buyers ordering without reading gig description and contacted CS but as usual they replied " it’s automated system and nothing we can do"


So sorrow for you. I believe you can recover.

I think so. I do always my best to maintain an high standard and I have my group of customers. But sometimes I can’t expect the attitude of some buyers, I hope fiverr will change this evaluation. It does not work and the sellers are not supported from the CS

I had a tough month of relocating and just received notification that from level 2 I dropped right down to level 0. I mean I knew I’ll be level 1 because of my cancelation rate but 0 was a bit of a punch :frowning: I think the system isn’t quite perfect. The idea is good but…


Hello Nice to meet you all.

Yes my level is decrease from level 2 into level 1.
and its wrote on the email if my gigs are over than 10 gigs,
there will be 1 gig need to be shut down in the next 48 hour.

since I only have 1 gig, It would be scary if they did it.
will they did it ? I really dont *fingercross

But I dont know the real situation at their office,
maybe they just reshuffle their organization. and this is a new policy.
who is their CEO is ?

I am really sorry to hear that. I hope Fiverr will find something to prevent these kind of problems.

I have been a Fiverr seller for almost 5 years now, no wonder I don’t see the top sellers anymore.

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Don’t worry if you have only one gig nothing will happen to it.

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If you are at Level 2 , if you fail to meet the requirements you will dropped to “New Seller”.
If you meet the requirement again in the coming month you will promoted directly to “Level2”.

This is all because at all levels we have same requirements 90,90,90 and 4.8


Thank you for the information :grinning:

It just added an unnecessary level of stress for everyone, honestly.

Also, the gig’s statistics are available for a week / month / 3 months / 6 months periods so I have no idea where the 2 months came from. If they want us to pay more attention to statistics making those consistent would be awesome.


That’s a bug (confirmed by CS), you should be level 1.

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Yep, I’ve lost my level today as well. And most of my cancelled orders was placed by mistake (later I provided buyers with right orders and we completed those new orders), but cs doesn’t care what’s the reason of cancellation, they say they can’t change it. Though I remember earlier they said that mutual cancellation or cancellation made by cs will not affect my ratings, or mb I didn’t get them right then.


i have promoted from no level to level 2. how it bypass level 1?

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It actually don’t need to go level by level. There are requirements which give you this or that level. And if you done this requirements you got the level it related.

agree with the comment

No, sadly on this occasion, it seems to be a bug.

Those of us who were (incorrectly) promoted 2 levels will be demoted (again) by another one when they get their act together:


Ok, I just don’t know the conditions of the commentator above, so that could be what my comment says. Otherwise you’re right, sure.

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I was wondering if the CS read our conversations and rates in the community…according to me the opinions of the sellers are very important for the survival of the web site itself…I hope will change something because is unacceptale this system