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I'm very disappointed hope I don't get deleted again



I’m Justin, I had a Gig about instagram and there I was giving the best suggestions to grow your Instagram Account, also I was offering a bot, made by me, to do some automated processes and make it grow even faster.

I contacted Fiverr Team asking for feature since I had a lot of orderds and top rated feedbacks in just a few days.

My customers were really happy with the service I offered. Anyway my Gig got blocked because after I contacted the team they viewed it again and said that I was using third part things.

That’s not true, since all I was doing were suggestions studied on every single customer and also giving my bot which was just a part of the Gig but actually it was my program and in the TOS I can’t see any part saying you can’t share a program you made if the buyer requests it.

Because if that’s so all the Programming section should be closed, just because people is sharing “third part” programs… well they’re in my same situation.

Anyway… that’s not all, I replied to the email response and they’re not asking me, I opened a thread few mins ago and they deleted it.

What does it mean? I just want help and reporting some wrong work by the moderator Kevin. That’s all. I’m not insulting or anything, I’m totaly respecting your TOS.

I also want to say that by using the same logic they used with my Gig they should quit all the Advertising and Online Marketing sections, just because 90% use my same processes, maybe not for Instagram but for twitter,youtube,facebook, SEO, personal websites… all these things involve Third part things. Also I was a girl who got featured by advertising on her twitter acc the customers’ ads. Well this also should be deleted by the same logic.

So, following this logic, all the Marketing, Advertising, Programming should be totaly or almost totaly deleted. And all we will have will be just few gigs about manual stuff.

This is very sad for me, I also hope to finally get a reply and not get CENSORED in the vastity of Internet since it’s not a really nice thing.

To Fiverr Team, you all got a vastity of users, and I understand it’s a difficult job since I managed a lot of sites too, but censoring your users doesn’t make them happy.

Remember when you have many users there is no way to recieve just good Feedbacks, as for our gigs, sooner or later everyone will recieve a bad feedback. This is the world. If you recieve a bad feedback it means you’re still not perfect… and so you should do something to improve your work. It’s the same thing also for you.

Thanks for reading a message written by a sad user which got his chance to gain some money shutted down just because a unlucky time.

Best Regards,

Justin :slight_smile:

PS: I hope that you can put my Gig on again, I got those feedbacks by hard working, I don’t want to lose them or to have to start all again from beginning, if you want I can remove the bot feature and I hope that the TOS will be clarified since following this logic half of the exisisting gigs should be deleted.

PS2: Don’t delete and censor my thread again. Please! :frowning:


Thanks for the reply, anyway I know this is not a replacement. I just hope someone else could see my problem and help me. I did everything for support that Gig and when I saw it closed just for something which isn’t even clear in the TOS and which it wasn’t really abusive. (since the programm is made by me like the ones that people do in the Programming Section). Then of course I replied to the email recieved from support and I’m still waiting to see their decision. I truly hope that’s just a mistake and they put my gig on again.

Best Regards,



@rainbowz if you are using a bot that breaks instagrams TOS and that is what the third party message is probably referring to here. You drew attention to your gig by asking it to be featured and that is when it was probably noticed there is a bot involved in your gig and I can hazard a good guess that this is the reason it has been removed.


First of all: even if I was breaking instagram TOS why fiverr doesn’t like it? I mean fiverr and instagram are two different things… I don’t get it.

Second: once again if a bot breaks instagram TOS also selling buying fake accs or likes does. The same goes for youtube, twitter views , likes ,etc… Also all the SEO breaks TOS of google or other things. So once again if it wasn’t about fiverr TOS but about instagram, fb, youtube or other sites’ TOS then would make no sense. Again the Advertising and Marketing sections could be deleted using the same logic.

Best Regards,


Checked again, nothing about third party in fiverr TOS… This is kinda ridiculous…

Best Regards,



Oh gosh what if it wasn’t about the bot but about the pic I used? I had a pic of instagram logo, which I don’t think was official and in the right bottom there was fiverr logo and on left side a logo with 100% guaranted written.

??? If the motivation was just that can they reenable my gig so I can change the pic? It takes notghing to edit it.

Best Regards,



No its not the same logic at all and you are using a straw man argument here. Since you “don’t get it” let me get it for you. This is about your gig and what you are selling. This not about anyone else’s gigs.

This is not about Fiverr not liking it. This is about instagram not liking it…Let me present to you a hypothetical situation… maybe an employee from instagram came to Fiverr and saw your gig, maybe they decided to buy it to see what you are doing and saw the bot, saw what it was doing and said hold on that is not allowed. Then contacted fiverr and said this bot is breaking the TOS of our site…stop it at once or give us the sellers details and we will deal with him… this is entirely plausible and Fiverr are doing what they have to here to protect their own brand, protect sellers and buyers alike and the integrity of the site.

you know as well as I do if you try and sell a bot like this on your own site you will get a C&D in no time and there will be no one to hide behind and you will be getting a knock on the door, not Fiverr.

As for what other sellers are doing. you are speculating and making assumptions and the only people who know what other sellers are doing are the sellers themselves and Fiverr and I would worry about my own gigs instead of other peoples.


Sorry but… Extremly facepalm.

Did you atleast read my thread before posting? My gig wasn’t closed because of any possible mark zuk… On fiverr. It was just because I sent a ticket asking for them to review it for possible feature. And when Kevin saw it he decided to close it. More than that no it’s not about my gig while there are 1000+ other gigs with tons of sales that provid even worse things against facebook, instagram , youtube or twitter TOS.

No, nobody even saw my Gig which was at the bottom of all advertising or marketing results. Those gigs before me that offer fake accs, likes, bots are even worse than mine.

No this is just stupid even to think about.

I asked for review and after 20min they reviewed it doing what I said.

Before posting try to read a thread or you end up saying nosense things like now.

Plus other sites can’t put down websites that goes against their TOS. Let me say if my website says it’s denied to upload pics then it doesn’t mean I can go to any other site of the world and delete pics. No, all your argument it’s invalid.

Here you just like to attack me because you want to be seen so good from fiverr team and you hope by that to get some bonuses.


Markp you truly represent a normal user of fiverr. Just because you got your top seller turned you in a different person. Just because of that now you are protecting fiverr team at any cost, even saying false things and even arrasing other users and new comers. Well … you sold your soul to fiverr. Come back to reality. Being a top seller doesn’t mean you got to worship fiverr like a christian with Jesus just for the fear of losing your top seller status.

Be serious.

Best Regards,


Ps: nice community … All the top sellers attacking newcomers and trying to look so angels in front of superior eyes. If also the community users are

corrupted who will help me then?


Please keep all posts respectful.


Reply to @ozzieuk: respectful? Is it my fault if I come to a forum asking for help and to clarify a problem which doesn’t have almost any sense…then get attacked by a user who ,just because he’s a top seller, he thinks that he’s 2 levels over us common mortals and we MUST follow his orders? Come on we are all in the same sea, we’re all fiverr users… Nor owners nor moderators… We’re just normal people.

I also hope to eventually see someone serious.

Best Regards,



Reply to @rainbowz: Justin.

I can see your point and your frustration, we are all sellers here and I will be the first to stand up and say “Hey I don’t know everything”. The best thing to do in these circumstances are to head back to customer support and try to resolve things there, they are the guys that can answer all of your questions, I appreciate that you have already done that.




Reply to @ozzieuk: thanks to both of you. Yea it is a generalisation, but its also hard to think in a different way.

Also I didn’t come to fight or anything. I joined here sharing my experience and hoping in a solution. Maybe someone had my same problem or maybe in the future someone will be in the same situation. I’m here just for the community in general.

Hope we can get back to the main argument, sorry if I got so easily involved in that provocation… But as you pointed out I’m really frustated, putting on also the fact that I needed just one more sale to get to lvl 1 and I was so excited.

Best Regards,

Justin :slight_smile:


@rainbowz I don’t know where you got the idea I was attacking you from. If you read again what I wrote I told you why I thought your gig was removed. Personally I would not try to put your gig up again with a bot on it. Try it without the bot and see if it gets accepted and change the image as well if it said instagram in it. I honestly do not think it will get accepted now without major changes though because it has been removed. I know you had feedback on the gig that you probably do not want to lose and that is unfortunate but I personally doubt it will be allowed back in its present form. Anyway I am not gong to comment further in this thread as you seem to think I am attacking you but I would suggest you try what I stated above


Ok, they gave me the chance to edit my Gig, so to everyone else the cause was the bot and they said: "we aprove gigs selling virtual traffic using those bots but we don’t actually aprove gigs that directly sell bots"


Best Regards,

Justin :slight_smile: