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I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED with Fiverr Customer Support!

Hi all,

I just want to share my experience about “Fiverr Customer Support”. Very very bad :frowning:

My main gigs are eBook cover

I created and promoted 20 gigs. Unfortunately, they all declined because they were copyrighted images.

After discussing with Fiverr Customer Support (CS), they asked me to remove all gigs and created new ones.

I did exactly all they said. However, 9 days have gone and I didn’t see any gigs of mine appear on Fiverr search (I had 20 gigs).

I asked them again, and they just said "Sorry, but as mentioned the services you have offered on Fiverr is not in our editorial focus and guidelines. Please try to contact us again in 30 days regarding this issue."

I wondered myself “What the *** is the editorial focus and guidelines?”. “Why do I have to wait 30 days, not now? If my account doesn’t appear in your search result, so are the account (today) and the account (the next 30 days) different?”

=> But they didn’t reply IN 10 DAYS.

Yes, 10 days and no replies. After that, 16 gigs of mine were DECLINED. I asked them again why, but still no response.

Let’s see on my gigs:

  • No external links
  • No copyrighted images on my cover (I asked to send CS the editable files if they require)
  • No the same titles.

    => Yes, but CS declined my gigs ??? Why?

    They didn’t reply my message in 10 days, and I think I have to wait for more in the next 10 days or even more.

    I wonder there is no reason why Fiverr is popular, and Fiverr DISREGARD sellers???

    Best regards,

Woah man, hold your horses there, I have passes this time too. Only top rated sellers receive priority support, i myself have to wait for 2 days straight for a customer representative to get to me, and once they contact me the communication is swift.

Maybe new sellers time is a week maybe.

Question, If they said to contact them in 30 days and you contacted them before that…

Why are you surprised that they haven’t contacted you?

Reply to @poseidonrage: everyone gets fair support, dont ask why i seen it , what matters is what you say to them , if you say repeated words more like to be ignored.

say something affective , i will not tell u what to say , sorry its because of few things i cant , but you use your brains , say something that will get there attention.

for example customer in business is important ? it is right

i had all my ranks and search results taken away because some jealous person reported me for copying his gigs i knew i have not , i asked support wtf why , they saiiiiid wait 30 days , i said 4 lines and i got my self back on the track.

Reply to @ilovecustomers:

I think I got your drift…

So like a legal threat of some sort? :o

I created my GIG yesterday and it is available today

Reply to @seanc99: no

Reply to @ilovecustomers: if you have to put up your time writing to support make it worth it , say something that will make them think what ever you say will do good for there business.

fiverr is all about business , they not here to listen to life story