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I'm very excited for wok


hahah ,thanks for your sharing of experience ,


dont worry and keep it up …


yes thats good suggestion …


yes thanks for your guideline …


Welcome stay positive and you will be successful :+1:


thank you zulfiar tahir …


welcome and hope for the best


Welcome to Fiverr! I’m on my second day as well. I’m sure with more advertisement, our gigs will kick off eventually! Good luck to you!


welcome and good luck


Best of luck @ahmadnazir165


Hello and welcome here. 2 days are really soon. The forst order is the hardest thing to be done. Promote the gig and you will get an order soon. Best of luck to you.

Maria S.


Hello onyone :slightly_smiling_face::+1: why are you complaining? competition is normal. There are many good professionals on Fiverr, we are many talented artists so it’s normal to struggle to have orders. As soon as you are known and loved by your customers, they will stay with you for a long term and buy multiple times. You just need to be kind and skilled and you’ll be successful. This is what I do with my music but it’s a good advice for any creative field.