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I'm very upset today

Today one of my order got canceled because the buyer was not satisfied with my work.I always work very hard and deliver my order. The order was just of 5$ but i’m very upset.I was working very hard to rank my gig but now i don’t think so what will happen.

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dont worry at all just move forward and try to give your best the completion rate will be set automatically with the passage of time.
best wishes for you.


Hi. I cancelled my second order in fiverr. From there I overcame. If I can overcome why not you. It will take a time but don’t lose hope. Try to focus on buyer request and social sharing. Insha Allah your gig will rank again.
Best wishes for yoy.


Yes but i was very close to level one seller

Thank you i really need motivation

Dear Zoya You Don’t worry …
It is the part of business next you will get confirm orders InshaAllah

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