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I'm Very Very Upset


my Account opened 2 Month…But Only orders Completely 2…Tell Me Please Why only 2 Order??

I'm a description writer

Fix the wrong spelling.I think this can be the reason of not getting orders .:roll_eyes:


please Tell me ,who is wrong spelling!!!Please


Copy that post and put that on google translator … And check the wrong spelling . :sunglasses:


ok Sir, Thank You…


You are offering to write SEO descriptions but obviously your English language is very poor and you have mistakes even in your own description. I’m sure that drives away customers because if you can’t even write description for yourself without mistakes how will you make it for others?

And there is no reason to be mad. Being mad not going to help you. Only hard work and always trying to perfect your service and your gigs will bring you more sales. Things doesn’t come to those who’s just sitting and waiting


I can not find the wrong writing. Can you help me?Please sir


this is one wrong spelling and


is another .

And that will not order that will orders .However May be you got that …


No I can not help you. It’s your job to figure it out. If you don’t see it yourself them you might want to hire someone here on fiver to proofread your gigs.

We are here just for giving you advices but not doing your job for you. Probably you should also start from perfecting your English.

And I’m obviously not a “sir”


I understand…Thank You Sir


I understand Mam…Thank You!!


Keep patience and fix the error which other members Said to you


Thank You…Sir!!!


hahahaha :rofl::joy: